Only one post in the month of April.  oops.  So perhaps May will see a better showing.

I keep thinking I want to do a NYC post but uploading pictures and stuff just seems like too much work at the moment.  I’m kinda in minimalist mode these days.

Regan got into the car today after school with a big smile on his face and said “mommy, mommy, I am making a surprise for you” and I melted.  I know expecting heartfelt letters of their undying affection on mothers day is a big far-fetched for a 4 and 5 year old but still a girl can dream.  And it’s always fun to see what their teachers come up with for them to give.  It also makes me realize I probably should have been more intentional as a teacher on these special days…it’s all about being memorable and inducing tears, right?  :)  ha!

Our spring break 2016 was a pretty good one, I’ll admit.  Technically it was our first, since last year Jos was only in a school a couple days a week.  Since it was last week, a bit later than everyone else’s, I felt like we could fly under the radar and just chill.  We did “spring break surprises” almost every day…the boy’s favorite was a whaling/dolphin boating adventure in Cape May with their daddy and my favorite was craft extravaganza day with a lunch at Red Robin.  Good times.

And pie.  I discovered a new local place in Manasquan called the Sunburst Pie Co and it’s seriously delicious.  I took the boys for a last hurrah yesterday…blueberry pie and chocolate cream…yum.  I kinda want to have my birthday there this year.  Yes, I’ll be 37 and still always think about my birthday.

The best part about our spring break was that we (bart and I) got to sleep in every single day.  I don’t think we got out of bed before 8:30am any day…and one time slept til 10am.  It was sooooooo blissful.  I’m so glad we didn’t end up taking a trip (not to be confused with a vacation…which doesn’t exist until the kiddos are old)  because we battled some sickness between all of us, and it was so chill to be home and then just choose some day trips for fun.  Digger Land got rained out, as did our beach picnic idea and the zoo…but the kiddos seemed happy as clams with their first spring break experience and keep asking for it again.

Josiah’s 6th birthday is coming up in 32 days…we don’t have a count down or anything.  Gee, I wonder where he gets his love for birthdays from.  I actually bought him a calendar last week so he could check off the days until he turns six.  He hasn’t had a real birthday party since he was 3 years old, so we are planning a dino extravaganza.  Needless to say I’ve been amazon shopping a lot.  Three blow up dinos are going in the pool…numerous giant dino balloons… like, over 4 feet tall… it’s gonna be the best.

All righty, it’s only 8pm but my bed is calling my name so loudly I cannot type another word.  Peace out.


I’m currently making a grocery list based off my new eating plan…returning to Body for Life after 12 years.  It was such a good way to lose weight and then maintain my health and I cannot wait to see what happens.

I’m counting down the days until Whole Foods opens nearby.  I haven’t been to one since we moved back to NJ, since the only one for days is far away and I hate grocery shopping with a passion.   Yet, I think the first time I go to WF here I’m gonna need a few hours to wander every single aisle.

I’m starting a new goal with my water intake.  I bought a 50 oz Nalgene bottle and decided that I am gonna try to drink at least 3 of them each day.  I kinda wish I had a catheter and it’s only the first day.

I’m sad that my sister left yesterday, though I felt like we had a great amount of time together.  We did NYC in 24 hours, and hopefully I’ll write a post about it.  And mostly just relaxed the rest of the time…it always makes me happy to see her.  She’s the best.

I’m loving my newest essential oil…lemongrass!  Seriously the best smelling one I’ve diffused…and grapefruit has been a fun addition too.  Lavender is still near the top for my favorite diffused oils which shocks me, because I have always hated the smell of lavender.  Weird.

I’m realizing this blog post is taking way too much thought and I’m not sure I have enough brain power to write anything more.  Alas.

obsessions at the moment


I love this word obsession.  It is so much stronger than likes or loves or enjoys… and thus- our obsessions at the moment.

Maya…books, treats, Finding Nemo, sneaking downstairs to lift mommy’s weights, chewing on toothbrushes, copying all of our words, running outside, climbing on her windowsill instead of napping

Regan…chinese food, kettle corn, writing his name everywhere, working out with mommy and sarah, yogurt, paw patrol, dinosaurs, socks, his new blue shoes, shaking his booty, drumming

Josiah…dinosaurs, paw patrol, jelly sandwiches, broccoli, rainbows, staying up late, reading, Paw Patrol, brushing his teeth, making sure his glasses are clean, ice-cream

Brinks…sleeping in the sun or on our bed, treats, following the littlest around to snatch up anything that drops, cleaning off the table when we aren’t looking, snuggles

Krista…flowers, coffee, pastels, voxer, online shopping, what to plant outside, losing weight, new candle scents, resting, finding a new perfume

Bart…his Bible, turkey and cheese wraps, sierra mist, running, the beginning of surfing season since it’s warmer, funky socks, checkered shirts


randomania #275

So I love the blog Cup of Jo, mostly for its plethora of diverse posts on all sorts of subjects.  It’s just interesting and I never know what I will be reading, so it doesn’t get stale.  However, my favorite posts are her links around the web ones and here is one hilarious link I actually laughed out loud at: If Toddlers Had Facebook.

Q-4fCwAAQBAJSince it’s spring, I begin my annual drooling over flower books…they are just so beautiful. One I purchased already is Katie Daisy’s (one of my favorite artists) How to Be a Wildflower and it’s sooooo beautiful.  I have many of her prints framed in my home, but this is her first book.  It’s amazing.  Another flower book that I have my eye on is The Flower Workshop that just came out and I have seen it because I ordered it for a friend…it’s simply gorgeous.

Speaking of books, I’ve been in a reading drought.  However, I finally started AND finished a book recently called When Breathe Becomes Air about a young neurosurgeon who battled terminal cancer.  I know, it sounds sad and horrible…but honestly, the book was really really interesting and I only teared up a couple times until the epilogue- which is 1/4 of the book that his wife wrote when he couldn’t continue.  Then I bawled.  But still, such a good book.

On a lighter note, I’ve been obsessed with Justin’s honey peanut butter.  I used to eat his almond butter by the spoonful but I’m into peanut butter these days, and this is simply the best.  And I’m also still very much in love with my Christmas present- the Homedics Massage Chair.  It’s so so nice to have an intense massage when I need it.  If you are interested, look for a coupon code or sale because they are always offering something.

untitledAnd because I am on Christmas presents…my darling sister gifted me a subscription to a monthly mailing of art by AliMakesThings.  The first month was adorable because it was Christmas themed and the next couple were cute but this month’s package was amazing!  Each one is themed and the latest one was on rest.  So good.  Thanks sister, for extending it for me- I LOVE getting mail.

My sister is coming in less than 3 weeks- hooray!!!  I’m super excited to see her and go on our NYC adventure…we have lots of lists- the best ice-cream, the best donut shop…I can’t wait to finally see the brick and mortar of one of my favorite stores- Fishs Eddy… And hopefully see Jimmy Fallon!  Did you know it’s free?  Let me just say though, it was a process to even get on the waitlist for his show but we should find out next week if we’re in??!

donut_society_key_tagLast but not least…I always have things on my mind that I want to buy for other people.  This donut keychain screams several of my friend’s names and I love it.  And this toddler denim trench coat is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I think Maya really wants it.  The Zara store is very close to a few other places we are headed to in new york so eek- I can’t wait!


the best $65 i ever spend

I’m sure the title is a little blown out of proportion, but seriously that was a thought that flew through my head as I pressed the pay now button on our pay pal account today.

What did I spend it on you might ask?  School lunches.  I started out the year only buying the boys hot lunch on Fridays- which was wonderful because by the time I get to Friday there is rarely enough food to scrounge up for two lunch boxes and not enough brain cells left for me to get creative.  Then I started dreading lunch making on Sunday nights and thought of a better idea…thus…$65/month gets my kiddos good food on Mondays and Fridays and makes me smile every single week.  I’m not kidding.  Every time I remember I don’t have to make their lunch, I cheer inside my head.

While I realize that might be an atrocity to some of you to spend $4.50 on pizza or spaghetti or nuggets or mac-n-cheese (the usual rotation that I know they will definitely eat) but I think it’s seriously worth probably even more considering the time I get to keep not thinking about lunch.  Because let’s face it, the actual lunch-making process is very short and especially because I tend to make all the sandwiches for the entire week in one sitting, it’s really rather quick.  But, the idea of it is what kills me.

I know, I’m weird.  But I’m okay with that.  And soon enough they will be making their own lunches and I will smile even wider.


*Another one from the archives I forgot to post.  This happened last fall

and it’s still very much etched in my memory.*


I got pulled over yesterday.  It was traumatic.  Mostly because it hasn’t happened in over ten years…I drive like a Grandma- for reals.  It was because I was talking on Voxer- a lovely app that I’ve grown attached to since I can’t stand talking on the phone.  I am a stickler about texting and driving- NEVER do it and since I NEVER talk on my phone- I don’t do that in the car either.  But alas.

This might sound weird but it felt good to get in trouble.  Being an adult without a boss sometimes gives too much leeway…and I keep forgetting who my ultimate Boss is.  I have lost some of my fear of the Lord and I don’t like it.  Yesterday reminded me that God cares about me so much- and there are things in my life I need to rearrange.  While I can’t get a ticket for being lazy…it was good to be reminded I have a loving Father who is watching me- and I will be accounting for my time when I leave this earth.

The fine for using a phone while driving is $250 and 2 points but thankfully the cop was nice enough to only give me a $54 ticket and a few ‘be carefuls’ bless his soul.  Josiah was relieved that I wasn’t going to jail and when my heart stopped beating out of my chest, I realized I was gonna be ok.

my names

I’ll dedicate this random post to my little sister, who gave me this writing prompt.  Part of it consisted of my constant need to nickname others, but I might keep that whole thing for another post.  So, for this one, I’ll just focus on the names people call me or have called me in the past.  I’m warning you, this might be a tad boring.  I was almost bored writing it.  What is it with me and boring blog posts lately?  Sheesh.

First, my given name, Krista Joy means Christ’s Joy.  If I remember correctly, my mom got the final say on my first name and my dad on the middle name.  Is that right guys?  I love my name and have never remembered wanting something different and the only tricky part about it is the spelling.  “Christa” is the usual misspelling and I’m not a fan of the way that looks…but it sounds the same, so oh well.

Kris…probably the most normal nickname for Krista…I can’t stand it.  Rarely do people try and call me that, but I think when they do, I give them a vomit charade.  Just kidding but not really.  The only people that are allowed and do sometimes refer to me as Kris are my mom, my brother, and randomly one of my sister-in-laws who I adore and so for some reason, it makes it okay.

KJ is pretty well used…standing for Krista Joy of course.  This one has stood the test of time, and randomly people pick up on it.  I can remember being called KJ for at least the last 15 years.

Krist is an endearing nickname that only one person has ever called me.  Jacob, my childhood bestie, got annoyed that there wasn’t a one syllable nickname that he could use, seeing as Kris wasn’t allowed. He was Jakes and there was Nate and a few other one syllablers and he was kind enough to figure out how to not leave me out.  It is still alive and well.

Kswens was a nickname I think I gave myself and tried to make it stick heading into college.  There were a few people who humored me, bless their hearts.  I felt sporty with it. ha.  My maiden name was Swenson for those of you who are like, uhhh that’s random.  I do remember my first email address in high school and my chat name were both kswens back in the day.  I thought I was cool. ha!

College also brought along a few other nicknames that did not last.  Krusty was given to me by a guy who thought it was hilarious, since I was a clown every Thursday in the summer (part of my job).  I hated every time I heard it, but tried my best to grin and bear it.  My friend Heidi came up with Kristamus that I thought was hilarious and when I was bored, I’d try to convince people that’s what my name really was- and Krista for short.

After I graduated my favorite new name was Miss Swenson.  It instantly made me feel grown up to have elementary students, not to mention their parents, calling me something so formal.  I loved it.  Later on, when I became Mrs. Farrell, it was fun too because I was constantly correcting the Mrs. for several years until I actually was a Mrs.

Krister was given to me by an old buddy and it’s one of my favorites, though no one else has picked it up.  Growing up I remember a family friend always called me by my full name- Krista Joy and he still does when I see him at my parent’s church.  He has a big booming voice and always says it with such a big smile.

I know I’ve signed many an email with K-diggity but not one single person has ever called me that, so I’m guessing that doesn’t count, right?

Just like this blog post shouldn’t count.  Erica, got any better ideas?  I need some inspiration.