his hand upon my pillow

Sometimes my husband and I don’t go to sleep at the same time- so by the time I crawl into bed at night, Bart is fast asleep.  Last night, when I got myself under the warm covers and laid my head down, I felt his hand sprawled across my pillow.  Instead of being annoyed of space invasion, as I often am…I scooted my head over to lay on top of his hand and just sank into his touch.  I am amazed that I don’t get tired of him- and even though he hugs me all the time, I am equally amazed at how often I jump at the chance for more contact…even if it means he’s completely asleep, unconscious of the moment.  And I hope that even when I’m 80 years old, I’ll be thankful for these little things- like his hand upon my pillow.


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