to be or not to be…

…a blogger.  I just can’t decide.  I have now succombed to blog reading a bit more often…and other people’s lives always seem more interesting than mine.   To be honest, I’m not sure what to blog about- I have found cooking blogs and blogs plastered with kids pictures…cutesy funny blogs and deep thought-provoking blogs…blogs about home renovations, blogs about self-preservation…and downright interesting life blogs.  So somehow, in the world of comparison, I just can’t think of a good reason why my blog would be any different.  But then I remember that no one reads this anyway, so it shouldn’t matter.  I mean, that is how all great bloggers start, right?  Typing away in their little coffee shop corner, just sharing whatever comes out and somehow someone googles “crazy poop” and their entry pops up!  Instantly they are a star…exactly…if only it were that easy.  Well, for now, I am going to give myself one more month.  If I have successfully added more entries by the end of June, I will put this web address on facebook. (I know, lame place to come out…but where else would I find anyone to read this stuff?)  Pray for me and hope for the best. ha ha ha  Ps.  That last line is for you erica, and eejer. 🙂


2 responses to “to be or not to be…

  1. eliza joy capps

    Looks like we have a job this month, Erica!!

  2. Dude- you’re hilarious! Just write!! You have so much good stuff in that brain of yours- i love it! And I’ll definitely be praying 😉

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