why i don’t make new years resolutions very well…or keep them rather…

I looked back into my blog “drafts” and found one entry I hadn’t published.  Upon opening this up, I had to laugh a little bit.  Below was my attempt at new years resolutions…and now that it’s almost half way through 2009 and I am just now looking at them again- I thought I’d assess where I’m at.  Yikes!

1.  Eat the Word- daily reading the Bible.  *been trying but it’s definitely not like “eating”…more like bingeing.

2.  Pay off debt and spend less. *we are actually debt free in 2009…thanks to JESUS and NOT this goal making.

3.  Blog weekly and work on my writing.  *well…we can all see where that’s taken a crashing leap into the abiss.

4.  Exercise regularly and lose 20 lbs. *I have to say the exercise has been more consistent due to our new years purchase of a treadmill but as for losing 20 lbs…let’s just say I have a long ways to go!  Excited for the possibilities!

5.  Get rid of “control” issues by God’s grace. *still have ’em.

6.  Make a baby. *not yet…granted it is kind of a process for us.

7.  Have an article published in a magazine.  *I’d actually have to write for this to come true.

8.  Start writing real letters again. *I am doing a tiny bit better with this!!! Right Kerri?

9.  Stop wasting precious time.  *this depends purely on whether I spend time with Jesus…whenever I do that first, it’s like an internal push to not waste time-brilliant how He set it up like that. 🙂

10.  Love my husband well.  *I have to say that by God’s grace, I am doing pretty good at this….except when he had surgery on his hand a few weeks ago and couldn’t do any housework for 2 weeks- I was a bit envious that he got to lay around and miffed that the dishes wouldn’t clean themselves. hehehe alas.  Bart is such an easy guy to love, for reals- I thank God for him so much!!!


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