pack it up


After spending a few hours packing up frames and candles today, I realized something.  I’ve packed these up so often, I know exactly what goes together in each box now.  It just dawned on me…and I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.  But, admittedly, I love to pack stuff up.  I am not a fan of travel packing, but move packing is my specialty. (if that’s even a term)

Back in college whenever spring break rolled around, (Meghan, you remember this!?) I would start pulling things off walls and putting them into boxes even though an entire month of school was usually left.  It has to do with that feeling of change; and knowing something  different is about to happen.  Then, every summer I loaded up my car for a summer job in Cannon Beach, and then back to school again.  Perhaps that prepared me for what happened next.

My worst packing moment happened when I moved to Panama.  Two 70 lb. suitcases- my whole life reduced into 2 small rectangles…brutal torture.  The next year and a half I learned “minimilistic living” if that’s a word.  I returned to the United States with a few more possessions than I left with, but that was nothing compared to entire storage unit that awaited me in my hometown.  Quickly my mind wandered…perhaps I should always live in a foreign country- it’s much easier to move with two suitcases than a U-haul.  Thankfully my parents helped me move to California and I settled in with all the finality of 9 months.  I think it was then that I caught on to the  “spring cleaning” idea and forced myself to discard a lot of my previous life.  I could no longer be a pack rat; it just didn’t work with my transient lifestyle. 🙂

Moving across the country to New Jersey was next and I discovered U-Pack ABF which will forever be infamous in my world.  The company simply drops a huge container off at your front door, you fill however much you want to use, then call them and they come and drive it across the United States for you.  What an ingenious concept…beats U-haul any day.  Anyway, the only thing is- a driveway or large street is helpful when moving this way.  Don’t do it in Ocean Grove, where the streets are one-way, tiny, and cars park on both sides.   Scary.

Two years later, I started packing again…this time for Kansas City.  Newly married, I tried to submit and listen to my husband but he just didn’t have the experience I had.  The poor man had never even moved to a different state in his entire life- so precious.  Graciously he put me in charge of all aspects of the move, and is now a firm believer in U-Pack too.  (no they are not paying me for this plug)

You’d think the story ends here since we’re in KC.  But no, we moved after one year of being here…to a rental down the road.  And that brings me to the present- I am packing again.  We are moving 5 minutes down the road…to our own very first home.  No, we are not “settling down” as everyone seems to think.  Real estate is an investment, right?  But it is a whole new feeling that I haven’t fully let myself explore because we haven’t signed the final papers.  I might actually not be packing up for a few years- what does that feel like? 

For now, I’m content pulling things off walls and out of drawers because it’s theraputic. It symbolizes change and new beginnings.  But perhaps there’s a different kind of change coming to my world after this


2 responses to “pack it up

  1. You are the best packer in the whole world 🙂

  2. Dude– maybe we’ve talked about it– but I am also a MASTER move packer! haha… and I used to do the same thing… as soon as May came around i ALWAYS started packing up small things and putting them in their boxes and throwing things away… it is TOTALLY theraputic! ha okay well just had to comment…. 🙂
    And what’s this “different kind of change!” You got something to say?? 🙂

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