a mud hole

Who knew a mud hole could be so much fun for a 4 month old puppy… I looked outside after letting brinks out to play tonite and then did a double take.  It has been raining ALL day long and our backyard never really had grass anyway but in the very middle of the lawn, Brinks was hopping and skipping and digging..in the dark…in her very own doggie-made mud hole.  I should have immediately called her in for a bath, but she looked like she was having so much fun and I couldn’t stop laughing and thanking God that Bart wasn’t here.  He might have been a bit concerned with the poor newly planted grass seedlings that were dying under her every paw movement…or wondering how the heck we would clean our now black puppy without remnants staining our cream carpets.  I am sure he would have laughed somewhere at the end of it all- but I just couldn’t stop saying “Oh my gosh” and staring at Brinks.

I finally did call her in, wearing my old paint clothes and armed with my camera.   After about 20 candid shots, I finally picked her up and took her straight to the tub.  I have never seen her so dirty…the pictures don’t even do it justice.  I guess you just had to be there.

BrinksOct09 017BrinksOct09 013

BrinksOct09 019

She's all clean...but I'm still dirty.


One response to “a mud hole

  1. amy (african teaching buddy)

    haha…this is awesome!! yea! 🙂

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