you know you own a puppy when…


7 weeks.

BrinksFallmore09 029

same dog. same ball. 10 weeks later.

…you find dog treats in your dirty laundry pockets.

…you can’t walk in a straight line in your own house without tripping.

…the first thing you do in the a.m. is take someone else potty.

…the one goal of every day is to tire your puppy out so she’ll cuddle in the evening.

…you have to go to the vet for shots every 3 weeks!

…”no bite”, “treat” and “off” are 3/4 of the words you speak every day.

…your hands are covered with scatch marks in varying degrees of healing.

But it’s all so worth it.  Every morning she’s still as cute as ever, and I am continually thankful we get to have BrinksyBears.  I may even give up my Christmas and birthday presents to build her a fence…that’s how much I love her- and if you know me, that’s true sacrifice.  I am growing up.


One response to “you know you own a puppy when…

  1. SHE”S HUGE!!

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