the past 30 years

A collection of 30 favorite memories from the my past 30 years…in no particular order.  Happy birthday to me.

1.  The day my dad took the training wheels off my bright pink bike…after an initial run-in with a bush (thanks dad) it was golden.  My first real freedom- every 4 year old’s dream.

2. May 29, 1986.  After spending the night at my grandparents, I arrived at the hospital, anxiously awaiting my first meet  and greet with my new baby sister Erica.  She was so tiny!  I think I said she looked Chinese and asked if she could be my show and tell for kindergarten that day.  (I had to wait a few weeks for that!)

3.  The day I bought myself a car- Subaru Legacy 04.  Thanks Bud Clary auto 🙂

4.  The time every year in December when my mom brought out all the tree ornaments and I got to put my own ones on our tree…and I’m still doing it.

5.  January 23, 2006  The day bart pulled me into his room and told me that God had said I would marry him someday and asked if we could date.  He was so cute and so nervous.  And the best part is, I didn’t respond- I just left.  (I was very excited but needed a few minutes)

6.  Bringing home our first family puppy from the OCS Auction- a golden retriever that I named Cheerio- cheers was the amazing!

7.  June 1998 My high school graduation day was fun because I got to give the speech I had spent 4 years writing.  And amidst the cheering afterwards, beach balls started bouncing up in the air all over the auditorium…total surprise.

8.  Meghan and Justin’s wedding- we danced and laughed so much, did my first maid- of-honor speech, and then took the bride and groom home to help them open their presents- only couple I’ve never known that would let us crash their wedding night- ha!

9.  Teaching my first class as a certified elementary teacher at Crossroads Christian Academy in Panama.  I had ten second graders in the smallest room “closet” in the school but it was glorious.

10.  Sweet and sour chx wings, stroganoff, and most homemade family dinners at 5:30pm every night growing up.  Thanks mom!

11.  1995- Los Angeles missions trip.  Jakes and I led a “rosta” guy to the Lord on Venice beach.  Thank you Jesus.

12.  The weekend in November 2004, when I flew to New Jersey for the first time- to visit the Cottons and realized I wanted to move to the east coast.  Bart got saved at the Noah’s Arc premiere and I saw NYC for the first time… best weekend ever.

13.  My month traveling in Australia- taking a Travel Writing class in college.  I want to go back down under!

14.  October 28, 2006  The day I said “I do” and became Mrs. Barton Farrell…the whole day was incredible- from walking down the aisle with my dad seeing Bart ahead to the limo ride away from our reception- everything was amazing.

15.  Sophmore year of college- living with megs, holed up in Foss having a grand ol time with our quote list and midnight potato salad and bread runs.

16.  When my bro left for college (not that part) but he started asking for girl advice from far away…we bonded.  You can thank me erika 🙂 Jk.

17.  August 30, 2009  Bart and I drove out to Fontana, Kansas and picked up our new little lab puppy- Brinks!  She was so tiny and adorable and fluffy.

18.  My dad tucking me in every night …checking my mouth to see if I’d brushed my teeth and then praying a prayer that always ended in “and now I lay you down in peace and sleep for thou oh Lord only makes you dwell in safety.”

19.  Thanksgiving 04  When my little sister and I celebrated Thanksgiving just the two of us…we cooked a huge turkey and mom fed-exed her home-made rolls.

20.  Family vacations in Cannon Beach every summer…Haystack rock, the beach, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen, and the Conference Center.

21.  Dressing up for my junior prom and then heading to the Taco Bell drive-thru and eating dinner at Jacob’s grandma’s house- complete with popsicles for dessert, all before the dance!

22.  Living on Embury Ave in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, a block from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

23.  August 10, 2009.  The day we bought our first home- 12502 Wincheste Ave.  Grandview, MO 64030

24.  As a kid, watching my dad’s “old man” basketball games…he got sooo sweaty but it was fun to cheer him on.

25.  My honeymoon in St. Thomas…a week in caribbean paradise with my new husband- never had a better vacation.

26.  Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house- punch, krumkaka and popcorn balls.

27.  A beach day in Panama, the first time I got to hang out with Jill Regan…and she got stung by a jelly fish and I tried to pee on her leg. But…I got stage fright.   It bonded us forever- friends for life 🙂 

28.  Taking the ferry to NYC with my sister for her 21st birthday- and watching “Wicked” on Broadway.  Best play ever!

29.  My first and only technical foul in highschool basketball- it was hilarious.  My coach and team all cheered me on, laughing the entire time because it was very unbelievable that I would actually do something malicious on the court.

30.  The annual Easter “Resurrection Hunt” that my dad set up with cheesy random presents…it always ended in the dryer aka: empty tomb where the good presents my mom had bought were.

And a few of my worst memories over the years…

-The christmas I spent puking my guts out for 48 hours straight.

-Trying to consolidate my entire life into two 70 lb suitcases when I moved to Panama at age 22.

-The 4 day drive across the United States, August 2005- it was just too long but thanks triki for coming along!

-Cracking my tailbone snowboarding at Lake Tahoe with my sister- Thanks for driving the whole way home.  Feb. 2005.

-Learning to drive stick shift with dad in the VW Rabbit- sorry dad, I screamed and cried so much.

-Being a clown every Thursday in the summer at CBCC.  Clowns scare kids and the makeup is not very washable. 😉

-Our first year in KC, when we lived in a one bedroom apartment and found a mouse living with us…for 3 weeks!  Funniest part was when Bart woke me up one morning with good news and bad news- he had killed the mouse, but broken one of our good knives.  I didn’t mind.

-First christmas away from home with no family except Bart- we watched 24 all day long.


4 responses to “the past 30 years

  1. Ahhh I love it!! yeah– lets never have a repeat of that awful puking Christmas! And now I know what you were saying about dad’s prayer– yep, still says it 🙂 LOVE YOU! Glad you’ve been around for 30 years!

  2. I’m so happy that you consider some of your best memories with me! I definitely love our past and all of the stories that we have together!!!! If I had a top 30 memory list I think that you would be on there several times as well…….in fact, it would be tough to choose! Remember when we dressed up in all black and chucked our loft beds in the woods behind Foss???? Now we just need to find that perfect suburb with two perfect homes right next to each other like we always talked about! Love,love, love you…….

  3. Krista!
    I love love love this list… and the best part is that I am in my office at St. Rose and just spit hot tea out all over my screen from laughing out loud about the broken knife and the mouse!! hilarious!


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