a little lovin

Here at IHOP there have been some crazy happenings going on for the last 30 days- some call it “Holy Spirit break-out”, some call it “renewal”, or “awakening”, or “revival”…I don’t know what to call it but I like it.  This week, Bill Johnson (my hero!)  from Bethel in Redding, CA was invited to come share his expertise with us- and thankfully I wasn’t working on Tuesday morning so I was able to go listen to him teach. 

After hearing him talk about the presence of the Holy Spirit for an hour, we started praying…and I think it was probably because I had a lonely birthday the day before- but all I wanted was to feel His love, in a new way.  God has so many different facets of love, and it makes my heart tingle to think about how many ways He loves.  So, yesterday morning as I sat, high up in the bleacher section, far away from the front altar (where people usually get prayer)…Jesus encountered my heart. 

He used 3 little boys, students of mine- who trotted up the stairs and laid hands on my shoulder.  I never even heard any words they prayed, but immediately understood a new face of God’s love.  He was showing me that He loves me like these children do.

Tears came instantly, when I thought about how adoring my first grade students are.  They look at me with such wonder and awe- it’s hilarious at times.  Even when I get frustrated at them, they still come back for more.  The word adore just keeps resounding in my heart…and this is what the Father wanted me to see.  He adores me.  The God of heaven and earth, who created everything…He adores me.  He is in awe of me.  He loves to love me and no matter how mad or frustrated I get- He always comes back for more.  In fact, He never leaves.  The crazy part is that I rarely feel deserving of this adoration- from my students and especially from Jesus.  But it doesn’t matter, because the love isn’t based on what I feel.  It’s based on who Jesus is, and the fact that His love never fails.

So thank you Jesus, for loving me so well.


2 responses to “a little lovin

  1. getting teary eyed over here. Praise Jesus for your unconditional adoration that never fails and thanks for revealing more to my wife.

  2. amy (african teaching buddy)

    I just found your blog that you have been telling me about…this is only the second entry i have read and the first one about your dreams for 2010 made me smile and this one made me cry! go girl…blog away! i’m your newest fan!! :o) xoxo

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