happy one year

Happy one year what you make ask…Happy one year blogaversary!  Yes people, my very first post was December 18, 2008- so I have officially passed the one year mark.  I want to stop and thank my fans.  Haha!  Mostly I am just really excited that I actually have more than 2 postings- 2009 proved to be an impressive year in my life.  Phew!  As it comes to a close, I grin at the possibilities of a new decade- fresh, expectant, and full of many mess-ups when writing 200..I mean, 2010.  Instead of new years resolutions, I want to share some hopes and dreams for this new year.  I am hoping for a baby or two…and for open heavens or even just a smaller encounter with my Jesus…and I would love another puppy to keep brinksies company…and I dream of losing 30 lbs and basking in the Panamanian sun on my spring break.  I hope to see my sister visit this year and my family to make it a midwest christmas- hey, a girl can dream!

Look out 2010- here I come.


One response to “happy one year

  1. ohhh honkey!

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