dear sister…please move

For those of you who don’t know…the cute girl in the picture is my little sister Erica.  We are almost 7 years part- yes, drop the jaw, it’s crazy right?  And while I didn’t always enjoy having her around in my younger years (my fault entirely), I can’t imagine life without her now.  She is literally the only person I talk to on the phone on a regular basis- (and I hate phone talking usually)  But somehow, I never mind talking to Erica.  She always listens to me faithfully, and even when she has huge news to share, she’s patient until I am done talking about brink’s drool or whatever lame thing I am blabbering on about.

She just came to visit for 3 days last week…and while the trip was WAY too short, I was reminded about how amazing she is and how much I would LOVE if she moved to Missouri for a few months.  She just knows me so well.  She is the easiest person in the whole world to be around and should really have the middle name “peace”- and come with a sticker attached that reads “best friend ever.”  I have learned a lot from her- how to quickly forgive (still working on that) and let things go and see other people’s points of view to name a few.  It’s funny though, that sometimes I still think she’s going to backwash into my soda even though she’s 23 years old now, it’s just that baby sister mentality- sorry Pook!

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post…below is a list of reasons why my sister Erica should move to Missouri- all of which are very convincing I am sure.

1.  Free room and board- a sick basement apartment all to yourself. 🙂

2.  Farrell babies…they want to know their auntie erica!!!  And I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂

3.  Brinks- your favorite new cuddle partner.  She stares longingly out the window almost as much as I do…for your return.

4.  Bart’s dance moves- he is willing to teach you, as long as you spend hours looking at his only photo adventure- haha.

5.  Kansas City bbq…which you still have never tasted.  It’s heaven in a meat. huh?

6. You’ll have a Hulu watching partner!

7.  We can cook and bake new fun things together- as well as some of the oldies…like grub and dutch babies.

8.  Instant access to the prophecy rooms whenever you want it.

9.  Crafty sister times…any time.

10.  I really really want to live in the same place as you for once in our lives (now that we’re friends) !!!!!!!!  You’re the best sister in the world!


2 responses to “dear sister…please move

  1. WoW! I’ve never had a WHOLE blog just about me!! 😉 Krista you are the most wonderfulist bestest ever big sister in the WORLD! Loving you is SO easy! Thanks for teaching me about encouraging and loving through words, and creativity and the electric slide… haha (although I still do not have that one down!)
    Keep praying–who knows where I’ll be!

  2. I agree–sounds like Erica needs to move–PRONTO!

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