spring cleaning…

Long ago, when I was a young girl I remember the dreaded spring cleaning.  It inevitably involved long hours of meaningless cleaning (or so it seemed to me) and I never felt the joy of accomplishment since I wasn’t motivated to do the cleaning in the first place.  But what amazes me now is the excitement and thrill of starting and finishing a cleaning project.  Last week, while sitting at my desk staring at 16 little first graders doing their spelling, it hit me that I only have 5 weeks of school left.  So, I started clearing things out and organizing shelves that had seemingly never been touched.  The scary thing is…I could have kept going until nothing was hanging on the walls, but when one of my students finally asked “Mrs. Farrell, why do the walls look so plain?”, I thought I should probably stop.

The art of “using the garbage can” is something I have mastered.  I am not a pack rat in the slightest.  Perhaps it’s because I’m always the one who packs up all our boxes to move- so I know that whatever I keep I will see again- and usually sooner rather than later.   Sometimes I keep things for a few months under the pretense that “I will use this” but my motto is “if you haven’t used it in a year…chuck it”.  Actually I just made that up, and honestly there are many things I don’t throw away because I keep thinking we’ll have a garage sale someday and I’ll make a lot of money- oh wait, the only things that sell at garage sales are 25 cent items.  Shoot.

Yesterday while I was doing the wardrobe switch from winter to summer clothes I decided I would finally ditch some of those clothes I’ve been hanging onto for a few 7 years.  Even if I could fit into them, they are completely out of style…what was I thinking?  Four massive garbage bags later, not only was my clothing bin cleaned out but also all my drawers and my closet!  Then I was inspired to clean out my email and facebook message inboxes- cyber world cleaning takes a lot less time now that I “am not a good emailer” which means that instead of feeling guilty and writing a million people back as I hit delete (which I used to do)…I now just hit delete.  Ah, the freedom!

Then, today I went to find a recipe and saw the stack of papers on top of my recipe book was almost as thick as the book itself.  So I grabbed my scissors and tape and set to work inserting all my new recipes into their proper categories, only to find out that my recipe book will no longer hold everything I know how to cook.  Alas.  I suppose a trip to the store is necessary to purchase a new book to fill…except I feel a bit apprehensive because I think I should actually have an online recipe book instead.  But then I remembered I don’t own a laptop and therein lies the problem.  Good old fashioned paper recipes will have to do for now.  I mean, it’s only 2010, come on.  I guess that’s just one more reason to put on my list entitled “Why I want an Ipad”. *insert bart’s eye roll*


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