never thought i’d be blogging about this…

weeding tool- $3.98

bone for Brinks to stay put- $1.99

getting rid of these- $ priceless

I literally got laughed at when I picked up that little weeding tool in Lowes tonite…Bart chuckled and thought I was joking when I said “can we get this?”  He thought it would be easier to just get weed killer but I was reminded of a fond childhood memory- how I made money for candy….one weed at a time.  Luckily, I decided not to charge Bart 5 cents/weed like I used to get back in ’88- although nowadays that would probably be a ripper deal.  The second we arrived home, I grabbed my weeding dealio and set to work- me and the setting sun.  While Bart dinked around with his electric tools and brinks happily chewed her new bone, I dug deeply into the soil and started weeding.  A few minutes into it, I realized how invigorating it was and how I kept sticking out my tongue while  ridding my front lawn of ugly “blow flowers” (as my students call them).  It felt really good to dig down and find the root of each one; just like my dad taught me to do.  Of course, a few popped up without the root- oops.  It totally got me thinking about the spiritual weeds in my life- aka: sins, and how easy it is to quickly pluck them out my life without much effort… but then I usually see them return very soon.  However, when I take the time to partner with Jesus and get to the root of the sin issue- I experience much more freedom and it rarely returns.

As I stood up after 10 minutes of heavy rooting, all proud of my big pile of weeds beside me, I looked around the rest of the lawn and my jaw dropped.  Oh my gosh.  There were millions of these stupid things…how did I seem so accomplished a second ago when I was in the midst of the junk getting rid of it?  Then I realized this is exactly how God helps us deal with our junk.  He shows us a little bit at a time- because if we saw the whole lawn of our sin, we’d probably keel over and faint.  He is such a kind God to help us focus on one or two areas until there is freedom.  Of course, there’s times for big encounters like weed killer but mostly God likes to do it one weed at a time.  And I think He loves seeing us free…although I’m pretty sure He doesn’t work with his tongue sticking out. hmmm


2 responses to “never thought i’d be blogging about this…

  1. Love it dude! Love. it. Amen.

  2. Amen! Part of my lawn of sin is currently being weeded. Ouch (and ahhhh…a clean slate).

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