would you pick us?

So…we are officially on the adoption wait list- but we are scrambling to finish our Family Profile…which is the document “mini book” that gets shown to any potential birth mom looking for a family who fits our description.  We just found out a few days ago we needed some semi-professional photos of us for the profile and even individual shots?! Yikes!  Like I ever take those of myself- geez.  So thanks to our wonderful photographer friend Eliza Joy…we rushed through a mini photo shoot outside our house tonite and now all our photos are on their way to the agency. It was a little intimidating knowing that these pictures are ones that our birth mom will see… and I thought I’d put a few on here to see if you’d pick us…


3 responses to “would you pick us?

  1. YEP! Especially cause you have pretty hair! 🙂

  2. I would totally pick you! You guys look great!!

  3. Man your eyes look green in these pics!! That is amazing, they are usually SOOOO blue!

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