brinks meets baby

So…while some people may think- aw, who cares about the dog…we felt differently.  I had randomly read several articles/blogs about introducing the family dog to the new baby so we thought we’d make it a big deal- and I caught it all on camera. ps. Our little puppy is now 85 pounds!

brinks: oh oh, new, my tail is wagging, let me at him! josiah: sleeping

brinks: ok, maybe this angle is better...oh, yes, tasty hair...come on, why can't i lick his face? josiah: sleeping

brinks: oh, this is perfect. oh, that face looks so lickable...wait, dad, move your hand. Josiah: sleeping

brinks: okay, I get it. I'm just supposed to sit here and look, no touch... josiah: sleeping

Brinks: but maybe if I pretend i'm cuddling...then kisses? Josiah: sleeping

Later on... Brinks: sleeping Josiah: sleeping

Brinks: Now I just guard the baby and watch him sleep

Brinks: And I'll guard when mommy is feeding him...

Brinks: And I gotta make sure dad is doin it right too.

Brinks: And sometimes I sleep on the job.

Brinks: But...if you put him close...and leave him here...

Brinks: it's just a little too tempting...okay okay...i'll just lick the outfit. promise.


4 responses to “brinks meets baby

  1. Is there a better dog than Brinks? I DON’T THINK SO! These pictures are so funny, and so perfect, and so….well…life is just made of amazing moments like this. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  2. The picture of the three of them sleeping is the cutest thing ever. What a good big brother Brinks will be!!!!

  3. I love these pictures!!!!!!

  4. amy (african teaching buddy)

    hahaha…so cute! the pics tell it all!!

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