happy father’s day

Happy Father’s Day Bart!  This is my wonderful husband’s first father’s day…and I am so thankful for what an amazing dad he is.  Bottom line, he’s a natural…Bart was born ready to be a daddy.  In Josiah’s first week, I found myself asking him questions about what we should do with the baby even tho I was the one all studied up.  I just love Bart’s sweet tender touch and care with our son- how he loves to cuddle and converse with Josi…even when I’m not around to chuckle at what he’s saying.  How he spends time with our baby praying and prophesying life over him and personally hungers after the Lord daily.  He has such a servant’s heart too; always willing to change a diaper, do a feeding, wash a bottle…I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect partner to walk through this exciting time with!  I love you!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  You have been the best dad in the world!  You love me so unconditionally and always care about what’s going on in my life and who God wants me to be.  You make me laugh and always know just what to say.  I love the way you love Jesus and Mom so much- you have set an amazing example for me.  I wanted to honor you by naming our son after you…because I really really really love you so much.  I am incredibly thankful that I am so blessed to call you dad, pops, daddio… and can’t wait for you to meet your namesake, your grandson-josiah henry.  I love you!


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  1. Thanks babydoll!! I love you!

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