dream a little dream *3

bc i LOVE boys in hoodies...especially little boys like josiah 🙂

i now find that brewing a pot of coffee is a waste...i dont get to it all in time. think its time for a keurig

my house needs a good cleaning...wish i still lived in panama where I had my house cleaned for a mere $10/wk.

what would my wish list be without something for my feet?

i have downsized... ha! Canon PowerShot 14.1MP Digital Camera - Black (SX210 IS) My new favorite- it even does fish-eye!!

a bumbo...for all josi's sitting needs...i think he is almost ready for this thing

deck furniture...doesn't have to look like this...

a mini cheap laptop so i can use it in the kitchen... i miss having a laptop- darn those robbers.

On a fun note- this is the first dream list I made with Josi…apparently he enjoys online window shopping just as much as I do!  And now that he can hold his head up; it’s very easy to sit him up with me as we surf the web together.  All you moms out there, don’t judge me. 🙂


3 responses to “dream a little dream *3

  1. Not judging you…totally typing w one hand while nursing Elijah!

  2. My boyfriend has that camera. It’s AWESOME and you can get it on costco online! I highly recommend it!!!!

  3. Jamie Herrera

    Fun list! Your boy is ADORABLE. Just to warn you – the bumbo is not the best invention in the world. My baby can flip himself out of it in about 15 seconds. Be careful!

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