i ♥ my subaru

In keeping with my desire to make this blog as random as possible…I am celebrating my Subaru’s 6th anniversary right here at wordpress.com.  Get ready for memories, nostalgic moments captured in time, and a bunch of blah, blah, blah.

The picture above is a scanned copy of the olden days-circa 2004, when I scrapbooked…and bought my first new car!  I was a young, 24 year old, single girl, back in the country after living in Panama for 2 years…and I was ready for some nice wheels.  Even though my dad advised me only to look at toyotas and hondas, I rebelled.  My long time friend Jakes and I headed out to test drive cars and I immediately fell in love with Subarus.   On July 24, 2004, I bought a brand new Subaru Legacy wagon and drove it off the Bud Clary auto lot, while it bragged a mere 15 miles on the odometer.  With it’s double sun roofs, silver shine, and spacious roominess, I was in love right from the start.  And although I had to endure endless jeering comments from my friends about the fact that it was a wagon and looked like a family car; in my mind- that was exactly why I wanted it.  I kept picturing my family one day riding along together… and little did I know it would be the very car that took us to meet our first son.

Six years and 68,000 miles later- it’s still my favorite car.  Yes, I said 68k.  How is it that low you ask?  That’s the same question many dealership guys ask right before they offer to buy it from me. (I have learned that an ’04 Subie with mileage at 68k is rare.)  Despite it’s multiple trips up and down the west coast, it’s x-country trek from WA to NJ, it’s long journey to the midwest and one KC to Jacksonville baby run…the key to low mileage has been…*drum roll please* …short commutes.  I’ve never had to drive far for my jobs and that, my friends, is how cars rack up mileage so fast.

The “Subes” or “Subie”, as it’s affectionately referred to in the Farrell house, is far from perfect now…with some ocean salt rust spots and small scratches from when I backed up into my boss’s pathfinder.  That was actually quite entertaining because the youth kids in my car jumped out to survey the damage and watched the dent pop right back out of my bumper.  Another moment of sheer happiness that I owned a Subaru. heheh  But seriously, my car has been a rock and has never broken down.  It’s reliable, dependable and still as cute as the day I drove away with it.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve used it to move…throwing down the seats and loading it up with countless boxes.  It’s sported 3 different state license plates so far- Washington, New Jersey, and Missouri (I couldn’t bear to change it when I lived in Cali so I drove illegally for 9 months).  And even though my husband threatens to sell it because we’d make good $ off of it, I cannot picture my life without it.

It's first snow contact- up to Lake Tahoe for a snowboarding adventure with my sister. '05

Somewhere in the USA...on my x-country adventure with Triki- WA to NJ. '05

First but definitely not last Christmas tree carrying. Our first married Christmas...in NJ. '06

It's first full snow covering, in NJ at the Cottons. '07

It's okay with the ice and snow in the Midwest. I'm not. '08

Carrying it's first baby passenger...bringing Josiah home from Florida. '10

It's favorite sticker. Believe it.

So to wrap up this utterly ridiculous blog post, I’ll just state the obvious.  Everyone should own a Subaru…because then you’d know what I mean when I say…

I ♥ my subaru.


4 responses to “i ♥ my subaru

  1. hahah Krista Joy……I’d say get a life but you obviously have one and a pretty full one at that!!

  2. Subaru’s are the best!!! I agree with you, Krista. I love mine as much as the day I bought it. It handles wonderfully well in snow and ice, has never given me trouble, and I love the huge sunroof! (and of course, I love that it’s paid off…. 😉 )

  3. You need to send that in to the Subaru company…they could put you on TV with that testimonial just like the car giant Toyota is doing”)

  4. Man- I remember the first drive with you at Cannon Beach (I love that we both got our cars down while down there! 😉 And Tahoe- where I totally got to drive it for the FIRST time… And I remember it LOADED with things for your wedding as we drove ALL over NJ with sea grass and acutal glass, and everything else 😉 AND I remember just a month ago– meeting JOSIAH for the FIRST time, stretched out in the Subie!
    Definitely some good times!

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