my TOP 10 baby necessities…

Many months ago, when we were in the midst of adoption paperwork it hit me that I needed to prepare for bringing a baby into our home.  I realized that there were a million things on the market designed for naive mothers to buy and I didn’t want to waste my money on things I didn’t need…so I sent a mass email to my favorite mom friends.  In the email I asked them to give me a top ten list of things they couldn’t live without, from the perspective of a newborn mommy.  Thanks ladies!  It was fun to see the differences between my friends and right away I could see their styles coming out.  So hilarious!  Using these responses I started compiling my own list of “must haves” and then began creating my baby registries.

Now that I actually have a newborn…well, he’s going on 6 weeks- is that still newborn?  I thought it would be fun to list my favorites…my can’t live withouts.


The Boppy. My number 1 item...great for sleeping, feeding, tummy time! i just got another cover- very much needed unless you're good/fast at doing laundry.



The Nuk. LOVE 'em! And Josi does too! You can never have too many. I am continually looking for one around the house and we have at least 6.



The baby gown. It makes middle of the night diaper changes a buttons, zips, or snaps. I can keep my eyes mostly closed the whole time.



Ready to feed formula. It's so easy!!! Great for those delirious first weeks...months.



Waterproof pads. These have already saved me from potential diaper changing disasters many times. And they'll be good for the crib too.



The Diaper pail. No, this is not the diaper's much cheaper and a knock-off but seriously awesome! Call me a sucker, but I was not about to take every dirty diaper to the garage each time...and this keeps the nursery smelling like, or like nothing.



Dishwasher bottle holder. This is a MUST for me- especially since Josi is bottle fed. And I have seriously never run the dishwasher so much in my life. Perhaps I need to get more bottles. ha!



Soft blankets. There is NOTHING better than wrapping up a little baby in a super soft blanket and cuddling him close.



The Coffee. Nothing need be said about this.



Burp clothes. This may be an obvious one...but I have found you can never have enough of these. They also come in ten packs (labeled cloth diapers) which work great too. I don't even use the pretty ones that people gave me because they are just too nice. Plain is good.


Of course, my list could go on- as many of my girlfriend’s lists did.  Because I love my pack-n-play with the bassinet and I regularly use the bouncer…well, I don’t use it but Josiah does.  And then there’s bottles…and I’m stopping now.


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