“take your son to work” day

he couldn't take his eyes off daddy

4 men and their babies

you wear this head piece all day daddy? geez...it would kink my hair i think.

After getting over the initial shock that “take your son to work” day didn’t mean josiah was going to spend all day with Bart, I conceded that an afternoon visit would be okay.  Although after being there, I think josi would be fine chillin at bart’s cubicle all day- he was so mesmerized with his daddy, he didn’t make a peep and was the only baby who stayed awake the entire time.  He was a hit- as were the other 3 baby boys- so cute!

I do think his shoes may have been even more popular than he was…good thing I threw those on him at the last second as we walked out the door.  Josi told me on our way home that next time he’d like to go on a day when daddy is wearing a suit, so he could drool on it and watch him go crazy. 🙂  jk.

Thanks for having us IVY FUNDS and for setting up the party, Jenny and Helen.  We’ll come back, any time.


One response to ““take your son to work” day

  1. OHh I love the new face of your blog!! How fun! (had to put that somewhere 😉

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