confessions of a new mom

I thought, to make other moms feel better, I’d post a reality check.  My baby is wonderful and so easy but life as a mom is still…well, life as a mom.  I would like to say sleep deprivation is the reason for most of the below confessions…and that would be partly true.  Alas.

*Sometimes, I forget to feed my dog…all day.

*I re-wear dirty clothes now- way more often that I care to admit.

*Last week, I got so mad at a leaky bottle, I threw it away…it was brand new.

*Many mornings, even tho I know I should keep my baby awake to establish a schedule for him…I’m so tired I just let him sleep so I can drink my coffee and read emails.

*I get nervous at grocery stores when I put the infant carrier in the front of the cart…it doesn’t seem very stable to me.  Usually I end up putting the carrier in the big part- and stuffing groceries all around it.  Very convenient. Not.

*I now take my baby in the shower with me, instead of the baby bathtub- bc that’s too much work.  Sad right, that filling a baby bathtub is too much work right now?

*There are times when I try to speed feed my son…heheh.

*I’m not good at baby talk- they say a high pitch is actually really helpful for an infant to hear, but most of the time I can’t bring myself to do it.

*I have let my dog lick spilled formula…even off Josi’s pants.

*I just hosted people at my house for dinner this week- and barely got dinner on the table on time.  No one tells you to allot triple the amount of time to prepare a big meal and clean up the house with an infant on board…I guess I should have known that?!

*I have totally done the “cardinal bad wife no-no” and handed Josiah to my husband the instant he walked in the door.  Thankfully, Bart is so gracious and kind to respond with…”just let me get my suit off honey, and change…then I’ll take him.”

*Some nights I’m too tired for the diaper change- so I just make sure there’s no poopies and put him back to bed.

*I’ve planned outings just so Josi will fall asleep in the car.

*When people compliment me on how good I look after having a baby…I always smile and say thank you.

*I’m not good at collapsing the stroller, so I just put it in my trunk fully set-up.

*And lastly, for those of you who know me well, I have always loved the word poop. P, double O, P, Poop…however, that’s as far as the love extends…while I have heard of some moms who think their child’s bowel movements are cute or even worse, take pictures of them?!…  I won’t be one of those moms. ever. And if I could time all of Josi’s dirty diapers for when his daddy is around- well, that could be a money maker folks.

All that to say, I love my baby boy and the joy he brings far outweighs these silly things that my life has become.  He is so darn cute that sometimes I can’t stand it…I want to pinch his little cheeks, until I realize he would probably scream if I did.  So instead, I just pet his hair…  alot.


i's not winter...but this hat was made by auntie b, and i just had to try it on him.



5 responses to “confessions of a new mom


  2. you are amazing!! you’re such a good mom! and well, I loved your confessions! the last one made me laugh a lot.

  3. Krista – I love you. Thanks for making me laugh with your honesty. You must know that you are a rock star at the mommy thing, even on the days when you’ve hit everything on this list. And thanks for the heads up on what to expect…these are the baby/mommy things that all the books don’t tell you about. 🙂 Hugs to Josi and Barty!

  4. Okay, this article really made me laugh. I’m not a mommy quite yet, but I’m well on my way and it’s only a matter of time at this point. Thanks for keepin’ it real. Can’t wait to see what kind of a list I make one day. =)

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