a trip across the street

I am ashamed to admit that yesterday was our first family outing to the park.  You might think- oh, great job krista- packing your family with the dog into the car to get to a park…you might understand why it’s taken 2 1/2 months… but not if you know where I live.

We went across the street.  There is a park there.

Alas.  I will blame it on a) the heat- until yesterday it’s been almost 100 degrees most days. b) bart’s injury…which is finally getting better- hooray! and c) my laziness and guilt of not wanting to take only Josiah to Brinks’ favorite place in the world- I feared stroller tipping if I was in charge of my 80 lb. dog and a baby stroller.

While Brinks and Bart romped around on the slides- well, really only Brinks…yes our lab knows how to go up the play structure steps, through the tunnel, over the wobbly bridge, up several large blocks and down the slide.  She often stops at the very top for a split second- perhaps contemplating her ability to safely exit the twirly red slide…but she succeeds every time.  Josiah and I, on the other hand, checked out the very old and dirty child swing which I made sure no part of his hands touched. (ha! And I’m not even a hand sanitizer carrying mom)  I think he kinda liked it…but I didn’t actually push him much seeing as I think his whole body could have slid out one of the leg holes.

Anyway, we felt like a pretty accomplished family to have crossed the street with our son, dog, and stroller.  Our walk and jaunt in the park took a total of…

…maybe 20 minutes.


4 responses to “a trip across the street

  1. LOVE it. 🙂 Although Josi looks a LITTLE worried in some of these picts 😉 haha

  2. I heart the Farrells. 🙂 It looks like the trip across the street was well worth it!

  3. I LOVE that 3rd picture of Josiah in the swing…priceless!

  4. W
    ell, in one totally unbiased Grandma’s opinion, he is getting cuter every day!! Those cheeks are really starting to fill out and it looks like soft, lucious baby skin… I am just starting to scrapbook our trip out in June and he looks so much older than the pics!
    Just one question…is that itty bit of a relaxing of the “stone face” what you are calling a smile??? Better work on that!

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