melodramatic sentimentalist

*This is a guest post from my long time friend Jacob- who doesn’t even know I’m publishing this…I have been spending some time lost in old journals and found this letter he wrote to me a few years back when he found out I was getting married.  I’ve always thought he was is a good writer, but this reminded me that I need to tell him to write a book.  Anyway, cheers to you Jakester- a million miles away.  ps. ladies- he’s 30 and single*

May 2006 “Krist, (the only person to ever call me that)

I feel like a father, or lil’ brother that is, losing his sister to the divinely appointed Bart man, whom I still hope to meet someday. Adding to mounting emotions of “giving away” a dearly loved sister, my brother Nate has also announced plans to marry the love of his life in a distant African nation.  So just like that, my best childhood friends are gone.  Am I supposed to have a nervous breakdown at this point?

Overdramatic?  Overreacting?  Yes, I’m quite sure of it.  But nonetheless my miss Krista, I can’t help but feel strange nostalgic sentiments rising up within me.  Remember when you and Nate would come over?  Whenever we would play in the sandbox it seemed that we would form a mutual “sandbox alliance” and bombard Nate with fist fulls of sand until he was ousted from our most glorious Sand Castle.  Of course, then there was the kindergarten romance.  Oblivious to my undying devotion to you, I endured endless teasin’ from the boys.  “Jacob and Krista sitting in a tree K-I-S…”  Undaunted by their childish mockery, I made up my mind to do what few kindergarteners even dare to let pass through their thoughts, let alone carry to completion.  Waiting quietly in line for recess, filled with an indescribable fear and ectasy, I bent over carefully with my lips puckered in the formation I saw my parents carry out this expression of love, and before I knew what was happening, I had kissed the back of my childhood crush, Krista Joy Swenson.  I could go on for pages of those untouchable memories God stamped permanently upon both of our lives, linking us together in such a unique way.  This is God’s most precious gift to humankind, I am sure of it.  The manner in which He places two individuals together for a period of time to share a piece of themselves with each other, thus molding both people into the individuals they are to become in the future.

It is in part because of you Krista, that I am who I am today.  Without the unconditional friendship you displayed to me throughout the years; without the heart-felt letters of encouragement; without the backyard b-ball games; without the God-sent phone call from Cannon Beach…I simply would not be where I am today.

Friendship, like life, truly is a funny thing, is it not?  We spend out whole lives building, breaking and reconstruction these relationships, looking for something sacred in them that will somehow complete our unfulfilled life.  We cling desperately to this mysterious blending of souls like a starving man savoring his last morsel of food.  It becomes our savior, our god. Then we discover something even greater than friendhip.  Something which lies so far beyond our trivial world we struggle to even comprehend it’s reality.  Oh, but it is real.  As real as you. as real as me.  It is the unfathomable love of God which touches something so deep within us that if we aren’t keen to its sensitivity, it will simply pass through us unnoticed.  His love touched me and it touched you.  Now we see friendship in the light of His love.  We see it as in fact, completing ourselves.  It is brothers and sisters in Christ that form not some sort of intimate relationship we refer to as “friendship” but rather that complete the Body (of Christ) itself.  We are ONE in Him; intrinsically bound to one another as He willingly bound himself to us.

Krista, our memories, our childhood shared together, and beyond those days, remains forever.  Call me a pathetic sentimentalist.  a melodramatic wanderer.  a loving brother.  Whatever I may be.  But one thing I can say for certain.  You, miss Krista, are an inseparable part of me.  Thanks lil’ duder for the memories of the past, the memories of the present and the memories to come.

Your over sentimental brother,



One response to “melodramatic sentimentalist

  1. I love this, thanks for sharing. I love Jacob (and I remember you calling him from CB). How sweet, and thoughtful, and wonderful. I got teary. Tell him to write a book Kosmic.

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