it’s fun to create

Just another random post…since there is a nikon d60 in my house right now, I thought I should take advantage of memory making…in case these works of art don’t outlast the digital age. The following pics display some of my crafty projects of 2010.  And yes, most revolve around a certain room called the nursery.

old window turned bulletin board...crackle paint, added hooks, glued cork, distressed...

a little painting with texturization

$4 chair, $2 fabric, $1 white paint...

the drawing i did for our baby when we began our home study

random painting that i haven't found a home for yet...

painted shadow box with crayons...easy nursery decor

my painting of josi's bedtime prayer

3 responses to “it’s fun to create

  1. These look so great… I love them!!! You have a gift my friend….

    How did you do the “typewriter” type font on the paintings?

  2. can we see more please? I really love all this… happy fall by the way. I am missing missoura!

  3. Krista…I love all the special little things in your home! My arthritis keeps me down and unable sometimes, but lately I have been so inspired to let my heart sing in creating things again. Love all your ideas! 🙂

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