dream a little dream #4

i love TOMS.

just one Mum plant...to keep my adirandack chair company out front.

for my fall home decor

yes. i want a fence. and so does brinks.

dream big. that's what i always say.

and be practical... i loathe the clumps that remain after i've shaken formula. ahhhhhhhh. I want a formula mixer.

i am growing out of my current diaper bag...this one may be next.

for josi...i love babygap.

a print off etsy

i have recently acquired a love of fresh popped popcorn

another shoe...i know. but uggs are the greatest. don't let anyone tell you differently.

a date here would be fabulous. i don't think bart has ever been...and i can almost taste the melted cheese and chocolate.


One response to “dream a little dream #4

  1. My first thought: Yes! Dream big about the piano! My second thought: You totally could make that print from Etsy! Lastly: LOVE (hand-me-down) Baby Gap clothes! 🙂

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