pack-n-notsomuch play

While I had heard from most moms that a pack-n-play was a must for babyhood, I had no idea how useful this contraption would end up being.

First, it traveled down to Florida with us and doubled as Josiah’s sleeping quarters and his changing table.

Then, after we came home, it stayed in our room so that Josi could sleep in its bassinet for a month.

At 6 weeks we decided he was ready for his big crib, so the beloved p-in-p got moved to the office where it still resides today.  While at first Josiah used it for naps; once his crib became normal,  I much preferred him to be in there because then he would sleep longer.

So, until just this morning, his pack-n-play had become a laundry holder.  For the last year I’ve continually struggled folding Bart’s laundry where no dog hair would attach itself…but I finally found a solution!  The pack-n-play is impossible for Brinks to get to…thus, my new folded laundry keeper was created.  For weeks now, it has been filled with clean clothes and Bart has decided he no longer needs to transfer them to his dresser drawers…rather he just hops over to the office to get changed.  Nice honey.

However- this morning I walked into Josiah’s bedroom and noticed that when I lifted his blanket there was a little poopies.  Then I proceeded to lift my soley diaper-clad baby (he had already peed through his pj’s earlier) to find his entire frontside covered in brownish green goo.  GROSS.  All that to say, I had to strip his crib of both the sheet and waterproof mattress cover…giving them a much needed date with the washing machine.  But a little later when Josi fell asleep in my lap, I realized I didn’t have a good place for him to sleep…so- back to the trusty pack-n-play/laundry holder.


a little scary...


I should have probably cleared it off for him, but he didn’t seem to mind.  Not to mention that fact that I realized after he woke up that there is such thing as a pack-n-play sheet…um, I need to get one.


my little drool factory



3 responses to “pack-n-notsomuch play

  1. Funkster– love the jean jacket thing he’s sporting! haha

  2. love it! that’s nice he sleeps on his tummy!

  3. We had a hiatus in pack n play use as well, and thought that we were done with it as a baby container, but it is AWESOME when the baby learns to sit up and begin to crawl and roll and get into things. I can sit Margaret up in it and leave her there without worrying about bonking her head if she unsits precipitously, and with a couple of toys, I can go to the bathroom without worrying about her getting into things. So tell Bart not to get too attached 🙂

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