it’s beginning to look a lot like…

…FALL.  Haha, gotcha!  So, despite the warm, muggy weather outside…I finally decorated for Fall.  I cranked the AC,  lit my favoritist scented candle in the whole world- (Aunt Sadie’s apple pie- buy it now!!), and got to work.  Since I still have the borrowed nikon d60 I figured I would take a few pics and show my peeps the autumn facelift that happened here in la casa de Farrell this week.

While I was slightly nervous to actually place orange into my home (if you’ve ever seen my house, you would think that sounds scary too) I am proud to say that I did it and I like it!  While Christmas decor still holds the place closest to my heart, I think this season is fast becoming a runner-up.

Even though I am no expert, I do love to decorate and create unique spaces.  So, I am giving you my latest top two tips, whether you want them or not.

The first is simple.  Don’t think you need to head to the nearest craft store and grab all the leaf and pilgrim decals you can find (ok no one really uses decals except for teachers but…you get my point).  The easiest way to incorporate a new season is by color.  Around this time of year, I take my cues from nature.  Browns, oranges, tans, yellows- these are the colors to look for.  So while that orange vase you’ve got hiding in a bottom cupboard may not be sporting a pumpkin on the front, it can still be used to bring some fall lovin’ into your home.  And it’s amazing what a yellow candle can do to change the look of a plain lantern or how much some tree branches from your backyard can spice up a little fall bouquet.  So go, look through your closets and find some plain “fall” colored items- I dare you.

My second tip of the season is repurpose.  This could be my favorite word in the english language…or rather, my favorite verb.  It’s like a game to me.  I look at things in my house (or at garage sales) and think about what else it could be used for.  This week I took a little wooden sign that says “Dream a little”; turned it over and wrote “Give thanks” on it.  (see picture below)  Just like that- it’s repurposed.  Tree branches, as I mentioned above, make excellent fillers and add height.  I removed the square bamboo charger from my coffee table arrangement today, and placed it up against the wall on top of my counter to add a little brown to the mix.  The lid to an old rusted Utz potato cannister ($2 garage sale find) is now sitting on the dining room shelf, adding a little gold and brown to liven things up; while the cannister itself is perched on my fireplace stair to hold firewood.

dining room table centerpiece...can you say "after thanksgiving sale" collected goodies?

coffee table time...i do love how my free subscription to Martha Stewart Living always goes with the seasonal decor.

note the orange sprigs coming out of the orange filler in the vase...

chalkboards can easily be changed for each season (erin- thanks for the inspiration to do this myself; from my dream list #4)

not fall. but turn it over...

...and grab a sharpie.

the gold "F" is for Farrell...or Fall. heheh And there is an added pop of orange in the spray of green seagrass, along with a mini pumpkin.

i can't get enough of tin signs.

kitchen table arrangement: vase, rocks, tree branches, $1 fall sprig 'o fun

do you have any "autumn" colored books or pics?

$6 from Pottery barn

got any fall dishes?

i love fall.


2 responses to “it’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. I love it! You should do more helpful tips– or step by step on some art projects!! Wish I could be chilling with you on your couch, enjoying the fallness in your house 😉

  2. You’re awesome. Easy as that. real love ya!

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