i can’t wait.

My lovely family so kindly bought Josiah a ticket to come visit them next week…and I am so glad that he is not old enough to go alone- therefore, I get to escort the my little four month old bundle of joy on his trek to his mother’s homeland; or rather, to her roots (Port Angeles, Wa).  Here is what I am looking forward to (in no particular older):

1.  Josiah getting to meet some of the rest of my family-uncle aaron and bruce, aunt erika and karen, great grandma.  And time spent w/all of them…relaxing, eating, napping on the couch.

2.  The pumpkin patch with all three grandsons lined up is gonna be the. cutest. picture. ever, I’m thinking.

3.  I get to wear my Uggs- since it will be cold.  Hooray!

4.  My mom makes coffee in the morning…so all I have to do is pour myself a cup.  Aw, the life.

5.  She also cooks wonderful dinners and likes to feed my son his bottles.

6.  Lots of good time with my little sister- my favoritist girl in the world.

7.  Getting to see Megster and meet her new son Landon…and putting my little boy in between her two and taking an adorable picture.

8.  Smelling the water, seeing the water…staring at the mountains (of which we have none here in the midwest)…

9.  Watching my parents love on my son.  It’s so fun to watch this side of them come out…plus it will be even more entertaining now that Josi likes to smile.  Adults make the funniest faces and sounds when convincing a baby to laugh- and I love watching them.

10.  Hanging with my nephews…who are growing up way too fast.  And of course, their lovely parents 🙂

Things I am not looking forward to:

1.  My dentist apt. even tho my dad is the greatest dentist alive.  (sorry bro)

2.  The potential non peaceful airplane ride- never flown with an infant.

3.  Being away from my hubs for a week.  Sad. Double Sad.  Triple Sad.


4 responses to “i can’t wait.

  1. Yay for number 7!!!

  2. Are you forgetting someone?!?! 🙂

  3. Bet you won’t be going 2 weeks without Josi’s bathtime in PA!

  4. WOOTWOOT!! AHHH soo stoked, you can’t even begin to know- okay maybe you do, but… I’M SO EXCITED!!! EIGHT MORE DAYS!!

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