his first wings

Just got back from a trip to Seattle-ish, Washington…just me and my little boy.  Traveling with an infant is like wearing a sign that says “talk to me- I don’t bite.”  It was uncanny how many people were willing to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger (me!) when said stranger is carrying/pushing a baby.  I’m not exactly a hermit when it comes to public speaking, however- I normally keep pretty much to myself during airport travel.  I smile at security guards and excuse myself for the occasional run-ins I tend to incur with my rolling suitcase; but otherwise, I am not a social butterfly on travel days.

Literally the second I stepped into line, a man started talking to me.  By the time I arrived at the ticket agent, I already knew the destinations of half the line.  The security guard called me “Mama” as he asked to see Josiah’s formula and then proceeded to ask how much it cost.  Funny.  While waiting for our plane, two women sat next to us and by the time they called for “courtesy boarding” (a huge perk of baby travel) I was already tired of conversating.

Thankfully, the 25 y/o girl who sat in the seat next to us was pretty chill- very nice and sweet but not the kind of person who needed to share her life story in our 3 hour time frame.  Phew.  My favorite person was the flight attendant- Haven- who kept stopping in the aisle to talk to Josi.  Plus, she gave me two cookies instead of one- just for having the cutest baby.

The best part about traveling with my son was that he never cried.  Huge relief.  While he didn’t sleep much, he was not sad and the whole “ear pain” dealio was non-existant.  Thank goodness.  Out of our entire travel day, that was the most nervewracking…watching his face as we lifted off the ground and climbed into the sky.  I think I held my breath for a little bit, and then when the seatbelt light went off, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

On the flight home he did great too- and even got compliments from a very quiet older couple across the row.  “You should be very proud of your boy- he did such a good job,” they said, while probably thinking “we were dreading the moment your boy started screaming and glad it never came”.  Cracks me up though, as if I have anything to do with how my 4 month old baby performs on an airplane.  Hmmm.  However, I do think I outdid myself in the security line…I didn’t hold anyone up while taking off my shoes and jacket, pulling out the liquids, breaking down my stroller, pulling my boy out, and placing his car seat on the conveyor belt- and then putting it all back together again.  It might have something to do with how many times I practiced at home.  I am not joking.  I practiced.  A lot.

Anyway, Josiah did wonderfully on his first plane ride- and his first trip to Washington.  He charmed everyone there so I’m sure he’ll be back.  I’ll post pics when he is feeling better since his first wings = his first cold.  Alas.

*This post is for you, aaron.  I stayed up late just for you. hehe


3 responses to “his first wings

  1. What a happy, humorous essay! I enjoyed every minute of reading it. My favorite part was when you probably thought the older couple across the row was thinking, “we were dreading the moment your boy started screaming and glad it never came.” 😀

  2. I was merely voicing what I’m sure thousands of your readers were thinking! But nonetheless, I am touched by your generosity and kindness! 🙂

  3. We just took Elijah to the movies (crazy, right?!), and we got the very same comments! I could feel some of the icy stares when we hauled his carseat up the stairs to our aisle seat before the movie, and then also felt the looks of admiration after the un-eventful movie! Great job, boys!! : )

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