After spending a week away from my husband, I am more thankful for him than ever.  And I realized I haven’t written much about him lately.  Hmmm, perhaps bc there’s been another boy taking up so much of my attention.  However, I want to throw my hands up in the air, wavin them like I just don’t care, er…uh.. for Bart.  So I guess I’d be waving them because I do care.  Um, basically, I have the best husband in the world- yep, I am biased.

BKF is still my most favorite person to be around.  He continues to find new ways (and use many of the old tried and true ones) to make me laugh.  I have really enjoyed watching him with Josiah.  Besides being a ridiculously natural caretaker to an infant, he continues to amaze me with his sacrifice of time and energy.  He will come home from a long day of work and instantly start playing with Josi and he is always willing to let me go traipsing off by myself.  Plus, he was the first one to make Josi laugh and always shares joy with our son which in turn, makes me smile too.

Barty is also such a kind leader.  I realized the other Sunday how perfect God made him for me, when I was looking forward to our weekly prayer date.  Now, rewind to 4 years ago, when Bart suggested we pray three times a week together…I groaned and moaned and kicked my feet up every time he tried to initiate.  Pathetic right?  But now, after years of battling, we’ve established a date every Sunday afternoon that begins with the Starbucks drive-through and ends at our favorite parking spot in the Leawood Park, where we roll down the windows (if it’s nice) and pray together.  Yes, we stay in our car.  I know that may sound weird…I think we’d get out if it were the beach.  But, living in the midwest lends to many extreme temps, so over the past few years, this parking at the park has become normal to us.  Now Josi gets to join too- and if he isn’t sleeping, we let him watch the ducks with us while we pray.  All that to say, the perseverance with which my husband leads me is incredible.  I am very stubborn.  But now, I love our prayer date.

And more importantly, I love Bart.  I’m glad to be home, with you.

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  1. I love this, Krista! Your heart for your husband is beautiful …

    I once heard someone say that you can tell the character of a man by the countenance of his wife.

    Your countenance shines, sista’!

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