“down at the paw wash”

Two weeks ago, my childhood buddy and long time friend came to town…Jacob L. Wood – from China.  Woohoo!  I hadn’t seen him in 5 years and he’d never met my husband or son… this was a big deal.  He was just here for the weekend, so we figured we needed to give him a flavor of the midwest.

Saturday afternoon we found ourselves waiting in a long line of cars for a Cider Festival in Louisburg, Kansas- aka: the middle of the nowhere.  But, I have to admit- the place was rockin.  There were booths set up selling everything from candied nuts to kitchen sinks (no joke!) but one little stall in particular caught my husband’s eye.

It seriously looked like an infomercial item…Jakes and I laughed and quickly moved on, only to realize that Bart had started asking questions and was intently looking at the “how to use it” video.  Apparently, the inventor- now a teenage girl- had, at age 12, created and patented a device for washing dog’s paws easily.  She called it the “Paw Wash”.

The packaging boasts of an “all-natural hydraulic action that scrubs away dirt in seconds and it’s unique hour glass design creates a vortex of cleaning power.”  No kidding.  That is word for word what the package reads.  Anyway, I finally pulled us away from the booth with the classic “Will you be here all day?  We might be back.” line and moved us along to stand in the apple cider line.  But the entire rest of the afternoon, Bart couldn’t get his mind off this paw washer-  despite Jacob and my attempts to steer him far away…and that’s when I realized- he was hooked.

You see, our lovely house is carpeted almost entirely in cream colored glory- something we so desperately would love to rip out…but until the new flooring fashion of exposed nasty boards becomes popular, we’ll just have to endure the carpet.  We should probably buy stock in the foam carpet cleaner we use.  And also the real issue is that I don’t clean Brinks’ paws off very well when she comes in from outside, so inevitably it’s fallen on my husband to maintain her cleanliness.  Coupled with the fact that we now have a fence, and our lab’s outdoor days are tripling…we really did need to think about a solution.

I just didn’t think it would come to this.  But it did.  We are now proud (well, bart is) owners of the Brushless Paw Wash.  Check out the video below of it’s first time usage.  Brinks actually wasn’t afraid of it- which is pretty impressive.  And all in all, Bart likes it too.  A win all the way around, even though I’ll probably make fun of him for life because of it.

Click here for the Paw Wash Video *please ignore my weird laughing*


jakes tryin to look um...like a midwestern hick?



josi hasn't gotten the hang of looking at cameras yet



a classicly cheesy family photo



Thanks for comin' Jakes- next time we'll see you in china...hmmm or not...jk. If I win the lottery, then yes, we'll be there. pronto. i promise. krist. (without the a)



3 responses to ““down at the paw wash”

  1. Yes. definitely hilarious! hahah… can’t stop laughing! Thanks guys 😉

  2. It’s so great to hear your laugh again! And good to know that Jacob is just as goofy as ever. 🙂

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