happy birthday barty…my very own professional

So- many of you might know that my husband’s day job is entitled “Mutual Fund Wholesaler” but what you may not know is that in this past year of life, he has tackled a myriad of other professions as well.  In honor of his 32nd birthday- I will list a few of his “professional” accomplishments from this year…because, well, I am proud of him.

1.  Plumber. All by himself he installed a new kitchen faucet, pipe, drain, etc…it’s amazing what one can learn on youtube.  It only took 3 weeks.

2.  Landscaper. Much to my amazement, he grew us a lawn this fall.  While I was under strict orders to water daily, all the credit goes to Bart.  Plus he re-mulched the front and planted several new plants too.

3.  Waste Management Specialist. When our pipes overflowed in the basement this summer- my husband drained it all;  and cleaned and bleached the entirety of the affected surfaces.  This included cutting up part of our carpet and disinfecting it.  Gross.

4.  Rodent Exterminator. He thinks we had a mole living in our front yard- and supposedly he killed it…with rodent killer stuff.  Actually he has carried this title for several years, since off-ing a mouse in our apartment 3 years ago.

5.  Father. By far, my most favorite profession that I’ve seen my husband conquer this year.  He is the cutest, sweetest, kindest, bestest dad to our son…it’s almost too adorable to watch sometimes.  So, Happy Birthday honey and if Josi could talk, he’d tell you that you’re the best dad in the whole world!


One response to “happy birthday barty…my very own professional

  1. aww thanks honkey!! You are awesome!

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