dear josiah (letter 5)

Great Grandma loves you

Dear Josi-bear,

We just flew on a plane to Washington to visit some of our family a few weeks ago- and I really appreciate your travel style.  You knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle a cry on a plane- so you just smiled and played the entire time.  Thanks a ton buddy.  You’re the best.  And you’re becoming such a charmer- I like it.

But for this letter, I actually wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about a very very very very very very very very very very special person.

She is your Great Grandma.

I grew up living very close to her my whole life, so there are way too many memories to share here in this letter.  But I wanted to tell you how amazing this lady is- and why you are so blessed to call her family.

She is so caring and kind and fun.  She is so full of life.  She listens well and asks good questions- something that your Grandpa picked up from her for sure.  She is always up for an adventure…she even fed all 18 pounds of you, which takes a bit of arm strength these days!  She laughs all the time and loves to tell stories.  She lights up when she sees people.  She thinks about others constantly and really carries people’s burdens like Jesus does.

And best of all, she loves you, Josiah.  She was so thrilled to finally meet you and couldn’t wait to hold you tight.  She loved your snuggles and your smiles.  When you see her again, ask her to tell you a story…she’s got millions.

That’s all for now.  When you start talking, we’ll start looking at her picture daily, so you can practice her name.  But until then, just remember… she’s the best great grandma in the world.  Seriously.

Love, her granddaughter -aka: your mom

the first time you met her- october 2010


One response to “dear josiah (letter 5)

  1. Um. Yes Please! Josi, when you’re momma runs out of stories, just come to your Auntie Erica, who has a ton more stores about how COOL and Loveable and AMAZING your great grandma is!

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