what i like about you

Meet one of my best friends…josi loves this gym- it’s a great workout for him…hehe

Nuk Bottles- now that he eats so much...my fav!

the ever so tacky, but oh so incredible exersaucer...wish i had gotten this last month!

Carol's Daughters- GREAT hair products for african american curls/fro and smells good too

The Ultimate Crib Sheet- a life saver for easy crib changing... my least favorite chore

The nose frida...my best friend...pretty gross but especially necessary when Josi has a cold.

I made a list right after Josi was born….my top ten baby necessities.  I thought I’d update it, 5 months later- a whole different list is needed now.  Alas- even though it seemingly never ends; it’s still the funnest job.

the biggest necessity of all...sleep (even if it's in Grandpa and Grandma's bed)

4 responses to “what i like about you

  1. we named our exersaucer “the neglecter 2000”.

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  3. Hi Krista!

    I’ve been storing your website in the back of my mind for months now because of how much I love how you recommend products for babies on here! And now that Adam and I have accepted our 1st of 2 child referrals, a newborn baby boy, I can finally come back here and go “shopping” on your site. It’s a GOD-SEND for me, being a 1st time mommy of an infant!!

    So thanks for all the tips! Please keep them coming!

    P.S.- Is there a way to subscribe to get email notifications of your blog postings?


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