security systems

No, I am not going to spend the next 5 paragraphs comparing different home security systems…and I’m also not going to talk about Josiah’s security blanket- mostly because he doesn’t have one.  But, I am going to dedicate an entire post to my precious yellow lab who is better than ADT (which we do have) and better than every lock and alarm ever made.

Her name just happens to be “Brinks.”

While my husband travels for business pretty rarely, he still does travel.  This past week when he was gone, it made me realize how much I am thankful for my dog.  Besides the fact that she has never chewed a single sock or peed in a single shoe…she is just so fun to have around and she makes me feel safe.

While she goes crazy when people enter the house- if it’s someone she knows it’s an “excited jump around happy” crazy and if it’s a serviceman she goes all “scary mean growl” crazy…which is funny because she is the nicest least scary dog on the planet.   I used to be mad that she would bark at strangers but then I decided I would rather scare robbers (who have broken in before) away, than invite them in.  Plus Brinks is very aware- so when I’m home alone, I never have to worry because her spidey sense of hearing takes care of everything.

Yep. I am a very satisfied pet owner.

even tho she does this most of the time...we still call her brinks- home security.

or miss brinkerton...she gets jealous of all the photos I take of josi sometimes...and has to get herself in them- i think she felt a little convicted in this photo.

seriously, she knows just the perfect time to sneak into a picture...brinky bears and josi bear.


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