confessions of a new mom PART 3

Josiah is 5 months old today.  I thought it was time.

*It took me 3 weeks to actually start spoon feeding rice cereal to my son- mostly bc I was lazy and wanted to just give it to him in a bottle.  I still don’t do it daily.  He doesn’t get it.

*I made my husband call the dr. when Josiah got his first cold, because last time I called to ask a question (which was the first time ever!) the nurse on-call wasn’t very nice.

*I bought 2 Ultimate Crib sheets (if you don’t have them- buy them now!) and now I don’t have to change the actual sheet on the crib for at least a week or two.

*I am desperately trying to teach my baby how to hold his own bottle. heheh

*I put “baby food” recipe books on Josiah’s Christmas list this year.  Shh don’t tell him.

*I announced to my husband this week, that for my birthday (in december) I want a day off.  He laughed.  But I know he’ll come through for me.

*A few weeks ago I started eating fruit roll-ups by the handful.  And they aren’t even bought for my child…they are for Bart.  These aren’t the natural fruit kind either…they are as fake and sugary as possible.  I finally stopped buying them.

*I have already started a “craft” notebook- ideas to do with Josi when he is old enough.  What if he doesn’t like art?  Oh well.

*Josiah really needs some sort of shoe, but I can’t bring myself to purchase some- because I can’t decide what color (if only getting one) would go with everything.

*I used my son as an excuse to buy my husband another birthday present…and am hoping he does the same for my birthday.

*My 5 month old son weighs over 20 lbs.  Wanna see my arm muscles?

*I have now decided that cleaning products should live in bathrooms…because it gives me no excuse to skip cleanliness in these busy days.

*My son now wears bibs for his drool…but not in public.

*I bought babygap cords for my son and they weren’t even on sale.

*Lastly…due to the fact that I am in my home way more often this year…I am dying to pull out all my christmas decorations and roll the christmas music- and say “to heck with thanksgiving”. heheh… but I won’t.  At least not for one more week.

at least he thinks i'm funny


7 responses to “confessions of a new mom PART 3

  1. Margaret didn’t really start eating much “solid” food until she was 6-6.5 months old, and it only started being an everyday thing about a month ago (so 8 months). My pediatrician said that for the first couple of months, it’s more practice at using a spoon, and if they’re not interested, don’t worry about it.

    May I suggest, on the shoe front, these:

    Brown pretty much goes with everything (how often does a baby wear black, after all?) and they are really soft. Even nicer than robeez. And a little cheaper.

  2. I love your confession posts!! Probably because I can relate to them so well! Miss you!

  3. This makes me smile. Start a revolution — moms telling their “behind closed doors” secrets. Mine for today: I’m trying to teach my three year old how to make smoothies so I don’t have to (maybe a little more dangerous than you teaching Josiah to hold his bottle, but your vulnerability gave me a window of opportunity :)).

  4. I asked for the same thing for my birthday! LOL! And I think Christmas, too… 🙂

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