So, as the holidays near…I get nostalgic.  I am a big fan of traditions.  Tradition to me, is something I can count on.  Growing up in the Swenson household there were hundreds of traditions but I didn’t realize how many until I moved out and tried to recreate them.

Take for instance: tree hunting.  Searching for the perfect Christmas tree wasn’t as fun on my own…because my mom was always the one that finally chose the right one- us kids were just along for the ride.  Last year, here in Kc, Bart and I teamed up with our friends- the Capps, to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Um…can we say major flop?  The midwest just doesn’t know what kind of trees to grow in the woods…we don’t like the big bushy ones- how about a spruce or a douglas fir?

Anyway, continuing traditions after I got married became a little bit tricky because I wanted to be sensitive to Bart’s ways.  But thankfully, he has been very gracious to me.  Though he does have to remind me sometimes that doing something once doesn’t make it a tradition.

There are all sorts of foods that I deem as “traditional” and activities I relate to each holiday.  But now it seems like a way bigger deal because we have a son.  Not that this year will be that grandeous…having grandpa, grandma and auntie Erica here will be big enough.  But my little brain wheel is reeling with the endless possibilities and the exciting reality that Josi won’t know anything different.  These will be the his traditions- the ones he grows up looking forward to.

Let’s see…I could make turkey hunting a tradition…even if we just go to a grocery store and grab one from the freezer section.  I’ve never made a gingerbread house and technically only carved 2 pumpkins- in my entire life, both of which I want to make a regular occurance around this time of year.  I could pretend that in December he has to wear something red or green every single day because that’s what Jesus would do.  Ok, that might be a bit sacriligious. (sp?)

We’ll definitely watch ELF a few times…we’ll cook a big fat turkey even if it’s just the three of us for Thanksgiving…we’ll play Christmas music every single day starting on Black Friday.  We won’t go shopping on that day because that seems like a morbid tradition even though this girl loves to shop.  We’ll buy a real tree, even if it’s from the corner of an old parking lot and we’ll decorate it…well, mostly I will decorate it.  Someday I’ll let Josi touch it. 🙂  Maybe Josiah’s bedtime song will transition to one like Joy to the World, even though I’m afraid that might just liven him up…perhaps Silent Night would be more appropriate.  We’ll spend lots of time making sure our little boy knows the real meaning of Christmas…the true reason for the season- Jesus.

It’s like a wide open field…with so much room to roll around.  I’m looking forward to making Josiah’s first holiday season a memorable one…

…even if he only remembers it from the pictures.

16 days until Thanksgiving.  46 days until Christmas.


One response to “tRaDiTiOn

  1. And let the countdown begin…. haha I love the line “Though he does have to remind me sometimes that doing something once doesn’t make it a tradition.” Too true, too true! 😉 Remember our “Happy-Hour Appetizer” tradition we were going to continue? ha

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