is it weird?

**All photos in this post are the result of typing “is it weird” into google search.  Just thought you might need an explanation.**

Is it weird that I still can recite half of my graduation speech poem…12 years later?

Is it weird that I want my son to dress like my husband?

Is it weird that I have already started pulling my Christmas decor boxes into the middle of the basement and it’s not even Thanksgiving?

Is it weird that I don’t wash my face every night?

Is it weird to have the word “LAUGI” on my daily planner because the other part of the H got scraped off, like 3 months ago?

it is a barking hot dog cooker...yes, it's weird.

Is it weird to imagine that someday Bart and I may be the only white people in our family photos…grandkids and all?

Is it weird that I hate talking on the phone to everyone but my sister?

Is it weird that I can be super sleepy at 9pm but then as soon as I lay down, I am wide awake until midnite?

Is it weird that in the last 4 days, Josiah has two new teeth?

Is it weird that I get so excited about a crafty project, purchase all the materials and then lose the momentum and not even touch the bag I brought home?

Is it weird that sometimes I read blog posts outloud to Josi, who is often sitting on my lap?

Is it weird that for the last 3 couples we’ve had over for dinner I’ve cooked chili?

Is it weird that my dog is super freaked out about the baby jumperoo…and refuses to enter the room when it’s hanging in the doorway?

Is it weird that I really want my “blog views” number to be 10,000 by the end of this year?

Is it weird that my husband actually started a blog?

Is it weird that I am a red head now?

The answer:  yep, I’m weird.


3 responses to “is it weird?

  1. I knew Josi would be getting those teeth soon! Ummm…I think we need a picture of the new hair! I bet it looks great!

  2. Erika totally commented on the two I was going to comment on… so I’ll pick another one– nope not weird that I am your favorite person to talk to on the phone… I’m your sister and we live thousands of miles away from each other. It is as it should be 😉 Love you sismo

  3. RED HAIR! I can’t wait to see it!!

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