Dream list *Thanksgiving dinner edition*

If I was the world’s most renowned chef or if I had loads of money…this is the Thanksgiving feast that would appear on our table November 25.  A lot of it actually is rather normal…what can I say?  I like tradition.  *Beware!  This list will be missing sweet potato anything and pumpkin pie- thankfully I married the right guy who shares my loathing of these Thanksgiving favorites.

i would rather it be filled with goat cheese...but brie will do

for bart...his favorite appy


a little fancy spin to veggies and dip

bart drinks 3 bottles of this each year...all on the same day

mashed potatos and gravy...my all-time favorite...for always

Haven't decided what kind of stuffing I shall make this year...

my mom's rolls...the best by far

nothing beats a good pumpkin cheesecake

except maybe a personal chocolate fountain...heheh A girl can dream.


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