tweezers and turkeys

I am thankful for that moment when the barista finishes creating my drink and hands it to me…I am thankful for the quiet hours I get to spend during a certain small person’s naptime…I am thankful for the corner seat on our couch…I am thankful for Jon Thurlow’s musical talent, especially at Christmas…I am thankful for tweezers and scissors…I am thankful for spray paint and caramel marshmallow treats…I am thankful for the free turkey from Bart’s work…I am thankful for long hot showers and wrap-up-in-a-blanket weather…I am thankful for baby saline solution…I am thankful for garbage collectors and mail carriers…I am thankful for airplanes and strollers…I am thankful for texting…I am thankful for Josiah’s laugh and my husband’s too…I am thankful that I can pull my dog’s tail and she doesn’t care…I am thankful for my family and friends…I am thankful for Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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