smells like teen spirit

Smells always bring me back.  They are like instant memory makers because down the road- when you smell a certain scent it inevitably takes you immediately back to a time in life.  It can be a good smell memory or a bad one…but it’s a reminder nonetheless.

I can still beam myself back to 7th grade basketball when I pick up a whiff of teen spirit- the gel kind.  All of us girls used to use the same few sticks…some sort of a bonding thing I guess.  Victoria Secret “Love Spell” scent brings me back to summers at Cannon Beach- where after stepping out of a cleansing shower from a day in the sand- I’d cover myself in that body spray.  Lysol immediately takes me to my dad’s dental office…Old Spice deoderant always makes me feel like I’m near Bart and is way better than any cologne.  And I am beginning to think that the smell of baby formula is going to always remind me of these first few months of Josi’s life.

But nothing beats my all time favorite time of the year and the smells it brings.  Right now, my house smells of fresh pine, cranberry orange candles, and cinnamon pinecones.  It literally changes the atmosphere.

Now if only I could bottle up the scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies… if only.


One response to “smells like teen spirit

  1. Hahahaha! Lysol ALWAYS reminds me of your Dad’s office! I cannot smell it without flashbacks!

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