iT’s ThE mOsT…

…   W o N d E r F u L    t I m E    o F    t H e    Y e A r .

So…  it is finally here- my favorite time of the year.  And I’m almost finished decorating.  I kinda went a little crazy this year- but I am blaming it on the fact that my family is coming to stay with us for Christmas and I want it to be festive.  Plus, last year I got to raid my mom’s Christmas closet and picked up some sweet decor for this time of year; so I. Must. Use. It. All.  Just kidding.  Okay, not really kidding.  I even decorated the bathroom this time.  Yep, never done that before- and much to my surprise, Bart was psyched!  That might be due to the fact that I used a childhood photo of him…in an elf costume- complete with tights.

I’m feeling too lazy to give decorating tips for this season- except to say: use Christmas tree branches and paint stuff red.  It’ll really help.  I promise.

found an old ad for cinnamon lifesavers...

paint an old canvas red and hang an ornament over it...

or paint it red and attach an old card...

my favorite shadow box creation

part of the mantle...

covered an old window with christmas music

more mantle...

and the mantle that never ends...

painted a license plate...

pine cones make the best filler

a little red spruces up the coffee station

look's bart in an elf costume

josi's barley cereal container is surrounded with holiday cheer

pine cones and tree branches...

couldn't find a spot to hang my fake it is sitting on the table now

...and the cutest decoration of all...look at those eyelashes!

*Disclaimer:  I have a lot of “Joy” decor…because that’s my name- and my mom is good at finding things with my name on them; namely Christmas decorations.  Go figure.


4 responses to “iT’s ThE mOsT…

  1. very clever!! wish I could see it in real life. Neither one of my daughters in law are too big into decorating for Christmas…darn! Looks like you did a great job! now, how about the spritz cookies???

  2. 1. Can you come decorate my house???
    2. You should sell some of your things. (Not YOURS, but make stuff and sell it.) Your ideas are way cooler than most decorations I’ve seen. They’re festive with a unique homey touch- well done, Krista! 🙂

  3. I’m trying to get inspired looking at your work….so far I have a Christmas plaid tablecloth and red candles ….. Am looking forward to seeing it all in person!!! Mom

  4. Cute. I really like how you used the music sheets. Maybe I can think of a way to incorporate it on my mantle. It’s needing a little something.

    Treasuring the

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