dream list *christmas decor edition*

23 days until Christmas

Not that I don’t already have 5 overflowing bins of Christmas decor…but I am always on the look out for more fun festive things for my favorite time of year.  Although, I really should think this through- it’s seriously only one measly month that all this goodness can be used…so I should stick to the “after Christmas” sales to purchase anything else.  I will, don’t worry Bart.

it's a tin sign...

since most of my christmas decor says joy...


vase filler...

some festive berries...

someday we'll get family stockings...

So, as I was making this list, I kept finding cute ornaments too…so I am going to post a dream list just with ornaments- even though I don’t actually ever buy ornaments.  Weird, I know.


2 responses to “dream list *christmas decor edition*

  1. These are all cute, but you have to tell me where that “Love Joy” pillow is from. It’d be so cute at the Lovejoy house 🙂

  2. Where do you find all these things?? Crate and Barrel?

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