sleepy times

22 days until Christmas

Here is what I hope Josi will be wearing on Christmas morning…

I think I literally drooled over the hanna andersson catalogue last month. Can there be anything cuter?  Well…yes, that would be if Josiah was actually wearing these pjs.  Too bad they are all sold out.

Of course, everyone would agree that something scary would be this…

…can you even imagine our whole family dressed in this?  It just stopped being cute.  Shoot.


4 responses to “sleepy times

  1. My husband’s cousin and her little boy had matching pajamas for Christmas. It was cute. And all the kids having matching pajamas is also cute. But the whole family? You’re right. Getting scary not-cute.*

    *I think that Josi would be cute even if you and Bart were wearing stripy pajamas too. The whole package might be creepy, but his cuteness would shine out like a beacon.

  2. My Mom bought crazy pajama pants for everyone to wear Christmas morning. It’s a new thing this year–not sure what I think of it yet. Everyone wears their own t-shirt. So, I suppose it’s not as scary as being a “Striped Family.” I just noticed that even the dog has striped pajamas–maybe they aren’t sold out of that for Brinks?….. 😉

  3. I would pay money to see you, Bart, Josi and Brinks in these p.j.s! Maybe you could be the family in the catalogue next year.

  4. I like how the baby is the only non-striped one there, and he’s looking at the rest of them like “suckers!” lol

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