reading time

20 days til christmas…  I would love to say my kiddo and I read all the time…but the truth is, we don’t.  Sometimes, I even let him have his own reading time- kinda like I had my first graders do- haha.  Silent Sustained Reading is what the professionals call it.  He’s a baby…what?

He starts out really intent on reading the whole book

and even tries to show me his favorite part...

He wonders why I'm still photographing him...and check out the ghost of brinkie..weird.

he laughs all on his own at the funny parts

aw my little reader

back to reading...

and chew-drooling...what he does best.

he can even turn his own pages...

...apparently the front tastes the best.

I just found a picture of him reading the same book, many months ago.  Geez, I promise, we do have more than one book for this child.


3 responses to “reading time

  1. Oh my, oh my–that made my Sunday filled with smiles! Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures of Josiah reading (and even more adorable captions).

  2. What adorable pics! take some more to compare when he’s in K! well, he may not be chewing then”) would make a good scrapbook page! Sent you his hat..don’t know if it will fit..let me know if it’s too big, too little, not tall enough (deep) or just right! “) b

  3. And he looks much more into it the second time around! haha Way to be a reader Josibear!

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