Christmas NOT favorites

19 days until Christmas

Least favorite clothing: Those really tacky christmas vests with puffy 3-d things.

Least favorite memory:  When I puked for 24 hours- straight through Christmas…back in college.  Very sad and depressing.

Least favorite cookie:  Sugar cookies

Least favorite candy:  Peppermints…the plasticy gross kind.  I do like the smooth candy cane kind.

Least favorite duty:  Watering the Christmas tree…and wrapping presents.

Least favorite day:  The day after Christmas…sorry bro (it’s his bday) but for me, it’s such a letdown.  It means I have to wait 330 days until it feels like Christmas again.

Least favorite movie:  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (just kiddin- that’s for bart)

Least favorite decoration:  Tinsel  (what’s the point?)

Least favorite music:  Santa anything

Least favorite food:  fruitcake …it’s not real, seriously.


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