InVenTions of a new mom

Ever had that thought “if only I could invent [ ], I’d be rich”!?  Well…here is my list now that I’m a mother.  And feel free to correct me if these items do exist and I’m just a clueless girl- that’s pretty typical.

1.  Back Patter 2000 -So, while I’m not sure on the specs exactly, the idea is to create a contraption that can pat a baby’s back…whether they be in someone’s arms, lap, their crib…etc.  My baby enjoys this pastime more than any other…and my arm muscle growth can definitely attest to this truth.  Perhaps it should have an attachment that can be connected to cribs and also one that connects to their body…yeah, not really sure how it would all come together, but seriously someone needs to invent this.

2.  Pacifier Keeper Inner -I know this isn’t a great name, but I wanted to convey what this item will do best.  Have you ever just gotten your baby to sleep when out comes the pacifier and screaming follows?  Have you ever tried holding a paci in a baby’s mouth while driving… yeah, super fun and really safe. Let’s just say I’m thankful Josi found his hands.  Anyway, parents all over the world would buy this- especially if it doesn’t include duct tape.

3.  The Turtle Shell First of all, you should know- my baby loves to sleep on his stomach.  This has been wonderful, because he finds his hands to suck on and puts himself back to sleep throughout the night- allowing me a great night’s sleep.  However, only recently he has learned how to roll over.  But his talents only extend as far as rolling from his stomach to his back…and then he gets stuck- kinda like a turtle who gets flipped on his shell and flails around helplessly.  So, Josiah flails and screams- until I go flip him back over and pat his back a few times (enter the Back Patter 2000).  Anyway, I propose a strap of some sort, that would safely keep a baby on one side to sleep- whether they enjoy stomach or back sleeping.  It’s a money maker people…come on.

16 DaYs til Christmas


One response to “InVenTions of a new mom

  1. Hi Krista. Somehow I found your site, or whatever it’s called! And I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some of it. I’d like to read more, but I don’t have time now. Have you written other children’s stories? Also, I wanted you to ask Bart to give us some advice on his rodent killer profession. The picture was great-George liked it too. I have a pic of George proudly holding
    up a big mole skewered in a trap!!! But we haven’t been very successful lately. The moles are definitely winning the battle!!!! Love to you and your sweet family!!!! and Merry Christmas!!!!

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