advent-your own

I have to admit, I did not purchase an advent calendar of any sort this year.  Alas.  But I saw this super cute idea, that I think I will start implementing perhaps next year in December…when Josiah actually understands what opening a present is, and enjoys being read to.  I mean, right now he likes it, but really he just likes grabbing for the book and trying to eat it…or chew it.  But check out this idea: Wrap a Christmas or other book up- one for each day of advent and then every night open one up and read it.  I think I’ll start with books I already have (since one of the pluses of being a retired elementary teacher means I own a mini library and definitely have many Christmas books too).

I really like these little advent pouches too…

…I think they might be fun to fill with something like “army guys” when Josiah gets that old…or just something random, little, and  cheap.  But let’s face it- the odds are that I will just pick up the $1.99 plastic chocolate advent calendar when the time comes- or maybe I’ll surprise myself.  I guess it will depend on how many little ones are under my feet then.

I also decided that I want to copy a tradition I heard on the radio last week…one family traces their kiddo’s hand every year onto their Christmas tree skirt.  Sweet idea, right?  I just need to find the right tree skirt- seeing as I’ve been using a piece of leftover red fabric since 2005.  The trouble is, I can’t find anything plain- that isn’t super tacky.  I’d like a sand colored one…or burlap would be cool too.  I will now stop rambling.  See what this daily posting is doing to me?!

14 days until Christmas!!!


2 responses to “advent-your own

  1. I love it!!! That’s such a cute idea!

  2. You need to mention that idea to the queen of Sewing…your Auntie Bea!!

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