Dear josi-beara

To my dearest and most favorite son,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you…you now have two adorable little teeth and drool even more than I ever thought possible.  You reach for stuff constantly and started eating baby veggies last week!  Sorry, no fruits yet- I am trying to get you loving the really healthy food before I bring you into the world of sweets…fruit being your first taste at my favorite genre of food.

Thanks for continuing to be the world’s best baby.  You are so kind to me, letting me sleep in the morning and taking good naps during the day.  I am so glad you can sit up well enough to go in the front of grocery carts now, even if you try to steal my grocery list every time…what is it with you and chewing paper?

I love your belly laughs and the way you look at me so seriously and then grin widely to make me smile.  I think it’s supposed to be the other way around, but I love that you’re so full of joy.

Please don’t take it personally that I asked for a day off for my birthday this month…it was nothing against you.  And I promise I won’t try combing out your curls again anytime soon, even though I’m dying to see how tall your fro would be.  And when it comes time to finally do it, I will give you many hours in your johnny jump-up since it’s your favorite.

cuddle time on my birthday

we love kissing you josi

You and Brinks are becoming fast friends- it’s so cute to watch the two of you play together.  You can scare your 80 pound lab just as easily as I can which is pretty funny.  She’s kinda a scaredy cat, er, dog.

But do you know what I’m most excited about Josiah?  Your FIRST Christmas…which is my favorite holiday in the entire world and it might just be yours too.  I mean, you’re already mesmorized by the lights in the living room…just wait until Christmas morning buddy.

I love you Josiah Henry and am so thankful for the last 6 months…it’s been the best…spending every day with my little baby boy.

13 days until Christmas,



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