the endless possibilities

While my parents were here for Christmas…my mom bought me a cricut machine- the Cutting one to be exact.  I didn’t even really know much about this whole world- I even pronounce the name wrong still.  (should be said like “cricket” but I say it “cry cut”)  But dare I say…I am in love.

It reminds me of a die-cut machine that I once had access to, in public schools, but it’s way better.  Of course, I immediately jumped on ebay for some cartridges- which are used in the machine to let me cut out letters in different fonts.  There is a whole world of shape cartridges, but I am much more into the font ones.  So, without further ado- here is my first cricut artwork.  (sorry mom, I used the frame that held the bird pic you gave me, hope you don’t mind!)


2 responses to “the endless possibilities

  1. wow! I love it…and see great things coming…I would buy something like that! I’ll keep you in mind when I need headings for my scrapbooking. I am resisting the urge to run down to Joann’s and buy one for myself!!!

  2. They sell adhesive vinyl that you can make your own..I don’t know what to call them.. words on walls or something. I put mine on the glass of an old window and hung it on the wall. Pretty spiffy =)

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